The jumping man was a being from the Black Lodge. The man wore a red suit, similar to that worn by the arm, and a plaster mask with a long spike for a nose. In his right hand the man held a wooden object resembling a slingshot.

This man was present at a meeting above a convenience store between the arm and BOB, where he jumped on and off a plastic crate while making a screeching noise. When BOB clapped his hands, however, he stopped his jumping motions.[1][2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Jumping Man" appeared in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, portrayed by Carlton Lee Russell. Russell was also announced to appear in Twin Peaks (2017). Interestingly, the shooting script of "Fire Walk with Me" makes no mention of this character during the Lodge meeting scene.

In Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery bonus feature, "Moving Through Time: Fire Walk with Me Memories", actor Carlton Lee Russell says, "David told me that my character was this talisman come to life." The footage shifts from his interview to that of Mrs. Tremond's grandson hopping around like a bird outside the Hotel.

The jumping man's mask is almost identical to the one worn by Mrs. Tremond's grandson, although it does have eye and mouth holes. It is somewhat similar in appearance to that of Pantalone, one of the principal characters in the Venetian commedia dell'arte tradition, who represents the "joker" archetype.



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