June 20 is the 171st day of the year (172nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 1968Dale Cooper announces in a tape recording that has decided to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation when he grows up, and dictates a letter he has written to J. Edgar Hoover.[1]
  • 1975 – As an experiment, Cooper attempts to see how long he can go without urinating after drinking several cups of coffee. After ten hours, he urinates for two straight minutes, which he describes as the most satisfying of his life.[1]
  • 1977 – Cooper completes the oral interview for FBI acceptance with two special agents.[1]
  • 1985Laura Palmer spends the day with Donna Hayward, both of them emotional over the awkward state of their friendship since the night skinny-dipping with the three boys. Laura is distraught to realize how innocent Donna is compared to her.[2]

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