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Dr. Lawrence Jacoby is a highly eccentric psychiatrist. Born January 30, 1934, Jacoby grew up in Hawaii and remains fascinated by it.

Jacoby was seeing Laura Palmer as a patient prior to her murder. Jacoby confesses to FBI agent Dale Cooper he's not a good person, and he really doesn't care about his patients who see him as their friend. Laura changed all that, and Laura changed him. Laura was in pain and the reasons for that were so mysterious that Jacoby couldn't penetrate the walls she had built around it.

Dr. Jacoby is married to a Hawaiian woman who is only seen once in the course of the series. He is known for keeping cocktail umbrellas marked with dates of influential events that affected him. He is also a keen surfer. A recognizable trait of the Doc's were his glasses - one lens of which was blue, the other red. (He said they made the world look three-dimensional.) He also could do some conjuring tricks. Dr. Jacoby's character was inspired by the late ethnobotanist and shamanistic explorer Terence McKenna.

Jacoby is to appear in the 2017 revival.


Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 1Edit


The day after the death of Laura Palmer, Dr. Lawrence Jacoby excitedly tells hospital staff about a fish he had caught when he sees Sheriff Truman and a man in a suit on the elevator. He rushes to them, but the door closes and he takes the stairs to meet them. He notes that Laura's death was a terrible tragedy and he is introduced to the man in the suit, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. He says that Laura was a patient of his and wants to assist them in the morgue, which the lawmen do not allow, as it is against procedure. He also says that Laura's parents do not know that she had been seeing him.

Episode 1Edit

Jacoby plays a tape made for him by Laura. He takes half of a heart-shaped necklace out of a coconut and begins crying.

Episode 3Edit

He coaxes Johnny Horne into removing his headdress for Laura's funeral.

Jacoby does not attend the funeral, but comes to the cemetery at night, where he encounters Agent Cooper. He calls himself a terrible person, saying he does not truly care for his patients until Laura, so he could not bring himself to come to the funeral.

Episode 4Edit
Doctor Jacoby

Jacoby sits in the sheriff's station conference room with Agent Cooper, doing magic tricks with golf balls. Cooper asks him if Laura had been seeing him due to her cocaine problem, but he does not answer the question due to doctor-patient confidentiality, but insists he ask a less-specific question. Jacoby is then asked if Laura's problems were sexual and he answers that every problem is of a sexual nature and tells him about the ancient Hawaiians using the ginger plant in the same way Laura used cocaine. But he tells Cooper that even he could not break down the walls surrounding Laura's secrets. The sheriff enters and asks him if Laura ever discussed Bobby Briggs or James Hurley, to which he responds that they were boys and Laura was a woman. Cooper states that Laura had sex with three men the night she was murdered, but Jacoby denies being one of them, but said he followed a man Laura spoke about that drove a red Corvette. Cooper than lets him go.

Episode 5Edit

He meets with the Briggs family for a counseling session, where they discuss Bobby's behavior. Jacoby wishes to see him alone, telling the confused Major Briggs that he will need to see each of them individually. He brings up the first sexual encounter between Laura and Bobby, the latter having cried while Laura laughed at him. Bobby tells him that Laura wished to die and says he believes Laura had a secret that made her want death. He also learns that Laura corrupted Bobby, making him sell drugs to provide for her addiction.

Episode 6Edit

Jacoby watches Invitation to Love in his office when he gets a phone call from someone claiming to be Laura. She tells him to go to his door. Taking a gun, he finds an envelope with a video tape inside. He plays it, seeing Laura holding the latest newspaper. He picks his phone back up and Laura tells him to meet her at Sparkwood and 21 in ten minutes. He looks over the tape again and notices the park's gazebo and he leaves.

Episode 7Edit

He arrives at the park and watches Laura until he is beaten down by someone and suffers a heart attack as Laura leaves with James Hurley and Donna Hayward.

He is taken to the hospital, rambling incoherently.

Season 2Edit

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with MeEdit


  • The character of Dr. Jacoby is partially inspired by ethnobotanist Terence McKenna.

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