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This is an article about Bobby's friend. For the spirit/entity of the same name, see MIKE

Mike Nelson, played by Gary Hershberger, was close friends with Bobby Briggs and was the boyfriend of Donna Hayward. He was on both the high school football and wrestling teams. Extra-curricularly he dealt drugs with Bobby.

As Donna grew closer to James Hurley, she broke up with Mike. Mike initially didn't take the breakup well, but soon became involved with an amnesiac Nadine Hurley. Mike fell in love with Nadine and planned to marry her, but was heartbroken when she regained her memory and returned to her husband Ed.

Pilot 198

Mike was illustrative of the theme of duality that pervaded Twin Peaks. He was, with Bobby, one of two duos in the series named "Mike" and "Bob," the other being Mike / Philip Gerard the one-armed man and Bob.


Original seriesEdit

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2017 revivalEdit

He is set to appear in the 2017 revival.

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