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    Mrs. Tremond (also known as Mrs. Chalfont) has an unclear link to the Lodges and her intentions are unclear.


In 1988, the old woman was living in a trailer in Fat Trout Trailer Park with her "grandson" until the violent death of Teresa Banks, using the name "Chalfont," which was the name of the two people living there before. Teresa Banks' ring was found where the grandmother and grandson's trailer was.[1]

She later appeared in the meeting room with her grandson.[1][2]

Later, she and her grandson appeared to Laura Palmer to give her a painting that would "look good" on her wall. Later, she appeared inside of the painting.[1]

Mrs. Tremond sat in her bed, across the room from Donna Hayward as she made a Meals on Wheels delivery, having picked up Laura's route after her death. She uncovered her food and found that there was creamed corn. After stating she requested no creamed corn, it disappeared from her plate and into the hands of her grandson, who had been "studying magic." She told Donna that she should talk to Laura's friend, Harold Smith. Donna then left.[3]



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