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Twin Peaks spawned three soundtrack albums: one inspired by the series, one for the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and one focusing on music from Season Two but also including tracks used in the pilot, Season One, and the prequel film.

Soundtrack from Twin PeaksEdit

Soundtrack from Twin Peaks
TwinPeaks ST
Angelo Badalamenti
Released 1990
Length 49:07
Label Warner Bros. Records
Produced by David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti

All the songs from the album were written by Angelo Badalamenti, which received the 1990 Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for "Twin Peaks Theme". Most of the songs are instrumental pieces, but the three songs that contain lyrics were written by David Lynch. These three songs are available on the singer Julee Cruise's album Floating in the Night. Cruise's album also contains songs that were used in the series, but are not included in any soundtrack release.

  1. "Twin Peaks Theme"
  2. "Laura Palmer 's Theme"
  3. "Audrey Horne Dance"
  4. "Nightingale" (vocal by Julee Cruise)
  5. "Freshly Squeezed"
  6. "Boys Bookhouse"
  7. "Into the Night" (vocal by Julee Cruise)
  8. "Night Life in Twin Peaks"
  9. "Dance of the Dream Man"
  10. "Twin Peaks Love Theme"
  11. "Falling" (vocal by Julee Cruise)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with MeEdit

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Angelo Badalamenti
Released 1992
Length 57 minutes
Label Warner Bros. Records
Produced by David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti

The film soundtrack features music by Angelo Badalamenti and Thought Gang with lyrics by David Lynch. Badalamenti, Julee Cruise, and Jimmy Scott provide vocals.

  1. "Theme from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me"
  2. "The Pine Float"
  3. "Sycamore Trees" (vocal by Jimmy Scott)
  4. "Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)"
  5. "A Real Indication (by Thought Gang, vocal by Angelo Badalamenti)
  6. "Questions in a World of Blue" (vocal by Julee Cruise)
  7. "The Pink Room"
  8. "The Black Dog Runs at Night" (by Thought Gang, vocal by Angelo Badalamenti)
  9. "Best Friends"
  10. "Moving Through Time"
  11. "Montage from Twin Peaks - Girl Talk/Birds in Hell/Laura Palmer's Theme/Falling"
  12. "The Voice of Love"

Twin Peaks: Season 2 Music and MoreEdit

Twin Peaks: Season Two Music and More
Twin Peaks - Season 2 Music and More
Angelo Badalamenti
Released 2007
Length 75 minutes
Label Absurda/David Lynch
Produced by David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti

Some seventeen years after the release of the first volume of music from the television series, a second volume was issued in October 2007 to coincide with the release of the Gold Box Edition DVD release of the TV series.

  1. "Love Theme Intro" 2:21 (*)
  2. "Shelly" 2:17
  3. "New Shoes" 3:48
  4. "High School Swing" 1:51
  5. "Hayward Boogie" 2:16 (performed by Alicia Witt)
  6. "Blue Frank" 5:10
  7. "Audrey's Prayer" 2:10
  8. "I'm Hurt Bad" 2:30
  9. "Cop Beat" 1:56
  10. "Harold's Theme" 1:42
  11. "Barber Shop" 1:25
  12. "Night Bells" 2:47
  13. "Just You" 3:36 (vocal by James Marshall, Sheryl Lee & Lara Flynn Boyle)
  14. "Drug Deal Blues" 3:08
  15. "Audrey" 2:26
  16. "Josie and Truman" 4:32
  17. "Hook Rug Dance" 2:24
  18. "Packard's Vibration" 2:39
  19. "Half Heart" 5:31
  20. "Laura's Dark Boogie" 5:01
  21. "Dark Mood Woods/The Red Room" 9:01
  22. "Love Theme Farewell" 2:34

(*) before the first track there is a bonus track (Hidden Track One Audio, HTOA) which can be reached by rewinding while playing the first track, length 4:19

In the mediaEdit

  • Techno artist Moby sampled "Laura Palmer's Theme" for his 1992 song "Go".
  • British Indie Rock band The Wedding Present covered "Falling" in the Hit Parade 1 album (1992)
  • Avant-metallers Fantomas covered the theme to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on their album The Director's Cut (2001).
  • German band Autumnblaze released the album "Words Are Not What They Seem" in 2004, with a Twin Peaks-inspired title, artwork, and a cover of "Falling".
  • Badalamenti collaborated with thrash metal band Anthrax on the Twin Peaks-inspired track "Black Lodge" from the "Sound of White Noise" album (1993).

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