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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.
"He's a free man again... Whoopee!"[src]

Natalie was a resident of Twin Peaks, Washington.

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One night at the Roadhouse, Natalie met up with Abbie for a beer. Abbie asked her where Angela was, and Natalie replied that she was probably out with Clark somewhere. Surprised, Abbie told her she had seen Clark and Mary there as a couple two nights ago. Natalie, dismayed, warned that Angela wouldn't take the betrayal well if she found out, as she had just lost her mother and stopped taking medication. They were interrupted by Trick, who rushed into their booth and reported he had been run off the road on the way over. After Trick left to buy a round, Abbie asked if he was still under house arrest, but Natalie replied that his sentence was up.[1]

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