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A young girl fell victim to a creature that hatched in the New Mexico desert in 1956.


On the evening of August 5, 1956, the girl was walked home by a boy. Along the way, she found a face-up penny, which she believed to be lucky. She asked her date if he was still going out with Mary, and was happy to learn that they had broken up.

Upon arrival at her home, the boy asked for a kiss, which she hesitantly allowed before awkwardly saying goodbye and going inside. She was sitting on her bed, contentedly listening to "My Prayer" by the Platters on the radio, when the broadcast was interrupted by a strange voice repeating an incantation. The girl quickly fell asleep, allowing a strange creature that had just hatched out in the desert to crawl into her mouth. She swallowed the creature whole, completely unaware.[1]


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