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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.

Officer Olson is a police officer of the Buckhorn Police Department.


Olson, along with his partner, Officer Douglas, reported to a smell coming from the apartment of Ruth Davenport. Following a short search for the keys - due to neighbor Marjorie Green forgetting she had a set. The officers briefly searched the room before finding Ruth dead.[1]

Olson observed as Constance Talbot, along with Detective Dave Macklay came to investigate the scene. When they pulled back the bedsheet apparently covering Ruth's body below the neck, it was revealed that her head had been severed and a man's headless body had been placed on the bed.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Officer Olson is played by actor Christopher Murray, whose mother, Hope Lange, appeared in David Lynch's 1986 film Blue Velvet as Pam Williams, mother of Laura Dern's character, Sandy Williams.

His father, Don Murray also appears in Twin Peaks as Bushnell Mullins.


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