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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.
This is an article about the Black Lodge inhabitant. For the Twin Peaks resident of the same name, see Mike Nelson.

MIKE[1] was a spirit who could inhabit a human host, similar to BOB, who was his partner in serial murder. After committing several rape/murders with BOB, MIKE claimed to have had a religious epiphany and repented, cutting off his own arm to rid himself of a "FIRE WALK WITH ME" tattoo, which symbolized being touched by "the devilish one". BOB, however, would not repent. MIKE spent years trying to find and stop BOB and most notably inhabited shoe salesman Phillip Michael Gerard.


Conflict with BOB Edit

In one of Dale Cooper's dreams, MIKE explained that he had spent several years with BOB as a serial rapist and murderer, living above a convenience store, until MIKE "saw the face of God" and cut off his left arm, ridding him of evil. Following this, he claimed to have devoted himself to stopping BOB, and used shoe salesman Phillip Michael Gerard as his host. In his everyday life, Gerard was oblivious to MIKE's presence as long as he took regular doses of haloperidol, but withholding the drug would allow MIKE to resurface and assume full control.[2][3][4]

Another being encountered in the Black Lodge described itself as the arm, apparently the manifestation of Gerard's severed arm.[5]

In February 1989, MIKE harassed Leland Palmer - BOB's host - in a road rage incident, where he accused Leland of "stealing the corn" from above the convenience store. Wearing the ring, he shouted to Laura that BOB was her father, but Leland drowned him out by flooding their car's engine and then sped away.[5]

Later, MIKE sat in front of a circle of candles, chanting "fire walk with me," and putting out the candles.[6]

On the night of Laura's murder, MIKE ran through the woods after BOB, who had abducted Laura and Ronette Pulaski. After Ronette managed to pry open the door to the train car where she and Laura were being held, MIKE threw the ring inside, and Laura put it on. This somehow forced BOB to kill Laura instead of possessing her as he had planned. Afterward, MIKE confronted BOB in the Black Lodge, demanding that BOB return his garmonbozia. BOB responded by pulling it out of Leland, in the form of his own blood.[5][7][8]

Laura Palmer investigation Edit

During the following two days, Gerard went to the Calhoun Memorial Hospital, where he was spotted by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, Sheriff Harry S. Truman, and Deputy Hawk.[2][9]

Subsequently, he was seen as MIKE in a dream had by Agent Cooper, in which he explained that he lived with BOB above a convenience store and that he had cut off his arm, which had a tattoo.[3]


Gerard was in room 101 at the Timber Falls Motel when Sheriff Truman and Agent Cooper kicked the door in a few days later. He was shown a sketch of a man with long, gray hair, but he denied knowing who it is. He was then asked if he knows anybody named "Bob" to which he responded that his best friend was named Bob Lydecker, who was in a coma. He was asked how he lost his arm and said it was a result of a car accident and said that he was a shoe salesman. He was asked if his lost arm had a tattoo and he broke down into tears and said that it said "Mom."[10]

Several days later, Gerard went to the sheriff's station with a sample case of shoes for Sheriff Truman, who was busy.[7]

Returning at a later time in the week, he showed Sheriff Truman pairs of shoes. He spotted a sketch of the long-haired man, which seemed to startle him. He excused himself to take his medication.[11]

He went to the bathroom and took his medication, which caused him to thrash about and tell BOB that he knew he was near and was after him.[11]

Philip Gerard

Gerard was brought to the sheriff's station by Deputy Hawk and to Sheriff Truman's office to be questioned a few days later. He was later taken to the conference room with Cooper, Truman, Hawk, and FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole. He complained that he needed his medicine and could "feel the change." Cooper noted that his medicine drug combo contained elements found in haloperidol, a drug treating schizophrenia or multiple personalities. Cooper refused to give him his medicine and he changed into the inhabiting spirit, MIKE. He explained Gerard as being his host and described BOB as his familiar and as a sort of parasitic spirit that fed on fear and pleasures. He then explained the removal of his arm after seeing the face of God and expressed his purpose to stop BOB. He stated that the true face of BOB can be seen only by "the gifted and the damned". He also said that BOB had been near for nearly forty years and that he was in a large house made of wood, with many rooms, which Cooper determined to be the Great Northern Hotel.[4]

In the morning, after a coffee with the sheriff's department, he was taken to the hotel, where one-by-one, he was brought guests to determine if they were BOB. He had a seizure when Benjamin Horne entered the room.[12]

Under watch by the sheriff's department, MIKE slept at the Great Northern until his arm's stump began shifting and he awakened, commenting, "He's close" and requested a glass of water from the nurse at his bedside. When she left, he rose from his bed, hit a deputy that came inside, and escaped out an open window.[13]

He was brought back to the station by Hawk, and to the interrogation room, where Benjamin Horne was present for questioning in the murder of Laura Palmer. MIKE said BOB was not near, but Harry charged Horne with the murder. He was then taken back to the hotel.[13]

The following day, with Gerard dehydrated and in need of his medicine, Agent Cooper tried to get his attention. He soon did and told MIKE about a dream he had concerning Laura. MIKE described his relationship with BOB and a golden circle—Cooper's ring—that he gave to a Giant. He insisted that the Giant was the only way to find Laura's killer and that he had been given all of the clues he needed. MIKE then fell asleep.[14]

In the Black Lodge Edit

While trapped within the lodge, Cooper was confronted by The Man from Another Place who asked, "Do you know who I am?" Cooper shook his head to which The Man From Another Place responded, "I am the arm," referring to MIKE's arm.[5]

MIKE appeared to Cooper in the Lodge 25 years later, asking "is it future or is it past?" and telling him that someone was there. He disappeared when Laura Palmer approached Cooper.[15]

He appeared to him again soon after, repeating the same question before leading him to the arm, which had since evolved. After the arm spoke to Cooper, MIKE led him out of the room and disappeared.[15]

MIKE later bore witness to Dougie Jones's sudden transportation to the Black Lodge, remarking he had been created for a purpose. After Jones collapsed into a gold ball, Mike took the Owl Cave Ring from his remains and placed it back on the table, sensing that something was wrong.[16]

He later appeared in a vision to Cooper, who in a catatonic state had taken Jones's identity, and told him he had been tricked into leaving the Black Lodge. He warned Cooper that now either he or his doppelgänger must die.[17]

MIKE again appeared to Cooper, urging him to wake up and to not die.[18] He appeared to him again later, but did not say anything.[19]

Non-canon appearancesEdit

International PilotEdit

This section covers the alternate ending in the International Pilot. See the Pilot section for the events that occur prior to it.

MIKE calls Agent Cooper, commenting that it is a strange night and that there is something in the air. He also says that he knows who killed Teresa Banks and of the "stitches with the red thread." MIKE tells Cooper that he is at the hospital and hangs up.

He awaits Cooper and Sheriff Truman in the room where they had examined Laura Palmer's body. He recites "Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see, one chants out between two worlds, fire walk with me," and tells them that his name is MIKE and that he lived above a convenience store with a man named BOB. He says that he was in the elevator earlier, looking for BOB. He says he had a tattoo on his shoulder but cut the arm off when he saw the face of God. Sheriff Truman shows him a police sketch of a balding man and MIKE says it is not BOB. He is then shown a sketch of a long-haired man, which MIKE identifies as BOB and says that he is in the basement.

After Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman, MIKE makes his way down to the basement, where BOB calls to him. MIKE hears BOB promise to kill again, and he draws a gun, shooting BOB dead, which then causes him a great pain as he collapses to the ground.

Behind the scenesEdit

MIKE/Gerard was played by American actor Al Strobel, who reprised the role in the 2017 series.


  • MIKE was originally only to appear in the pilot as an homage to the television series The Fugitive. When David Lynch decided to use the character in the International Pilot, he was so impressed with Strobel's performance that he gave him a recurring role.
  • MIKE's motivation is mysterious. In the series he claims to have noble intentions, having "seen the face of God" and chosen to atone for his sins. But in Fire Walk with Me, MIKE is unhappy with BOB for stealing what MIKE saw as his garmonbozia, suggesting that, perhaps, MIKE was deceiving Cooper in the series. Nonetheless, in the 2017 series, he gives Cooper information again, leading MIKE's ultimate allegiance and intentions in the dark.



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