Owl Cave petroglyph

The Owl Cave is a cave within Ghostwood National Forest, part of a chain of lava tubes connected to dormant volcanoes.[1] Named for the many owls which inhabit it, it is significant for its ancient Native American petroglyphs, carved into its stone walls.


Owl Cave was long-known to natives, who carved a petroglyph into the cave's walls. Among the Native American tribes that used the cave were the Flathead tribe, who stored pelts, held meetings, and eluded their enemies inside. They would say that the cave was visited by the "Beyond" and that there were messages left there.[2]

The cave was not discovered by settlers until the late nineteenth century when it was found by a man named Denver Bob Hobbes and his companion, Wayne Chance, according to Chance's journals.[1]

In the 1920's, the cave became a popular locale for lovers to get away. One contemporary newspaper stated, "There were enough hopes and dreams in that cave to make Ali Baba green with envy."[2]

In the spring of 1933, the Phelan Gang escaped into the cave after committing a robbery, but surrendered when the gang's leader, Milo Phelan became afraid of the dark and built a fire.[2]

In 1948, while on the campaign trail, President Harry S. Truman visited the cave, becoming an honorary member of the Flathead tribe. Shortly thereafter, the Circulars took control of the cave and attempted to rename the cave "Elk Cave," but nobody outside of this group accepted the new moniker.[2]

Until 1989, the cave no longer held much interest to any local individuals.[2] That year, Owl Cave became a centerpiece in an investigation by the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department and FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.[3]

By accident, Deputy Andy Brennan struck a pickax at a petroglyph on the wall, while shooing an attacking owl away. The petroglyph that was struck operated a hidden mechanism and revealed a pole in the cache with another petroglyph on it. Windom Earle noted that the petroglyph on the pole was upside down, so he turned the pole to upright the symbol. Turning the symbol operated another hidden mechanism which toppled part of the cave wall to reveal the Owl Cave Map/Calendar.[3]

It was found that the cave held secrets to entering the fabled Black Lodge.[4]

Owl Cave Map/CalendarEdit

Owl Cave map!

The map, or calendar is an ancient Native American petroglyph carved into the stone wall of Owl Cave. As a map, it shows the location of the gateway to the Lodges, Glastonbury Grove. As a calendar, it predicts the time when the gateway will be open with the glyphs of Jupiter and Saturn. The gateway itself only exists at a certain point in space and time, given by the details of the map/calendar.


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