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The Man from Another Place displays the ring.

The Owl Cave Ring is a gold ring with a green jade stone engraved with the symbol on the pole of the Owl Cave.

This object is linked to The Man from another Place, saying during the meeting that "With this ring, I thee wed." Its exact effects are unknown but they seem to be linked to BOB's murders.

Known wearers Edit

The following peoples are known to have been in contact with it at some point.

  • White Indians: A tribe living near what will be called White Tail Falls and where will be Twin Peaks. They gave three artifacts, including the ring to the Nez Perce tribe.
  • Chief Twisted Hair: Chief of the Nez Perce, owned the ring in a leather pouch but knows that it should never be worn.
  • Meriwether Lewis: Was given the leather pouch by Twisted Hair. He shortly wore the ring near the area of the White Indians but after a psychedelic vision regretted doing so and destroyed his map.
  • Major James Neely: Stole the ring from the leather pouch on Governor Lewis corpse. Disappeared from the public eye, maybe thanks to his relations with General James Wilkinson.
  • Aleister Crowley: Never explicitly said, but his pupil Jack Parsons who reenact his rituals wears the ring.
  • Jack Parsons: Wore the ring on his right ring finger. Was apparently in contact with the Lodge's spirits since he begins to say the Fire Walk with Me chant. Died in a fulminate of mercury explosion, maybe a double explosion and might be a "fire demon", his right arm was never found. Might have received the ring from his Thelema guru Aleister Crowley, though never clearly implied.
  • President Richard Nixon: Wore the ring on his right ring finger.
  • Special Agent Phillip Jeffries: Never explicitly said, but mentioned that he found something at Judy's in Seattle and later mumbles "Ring. The Ring" to himself with his head on Gordon's desk.

Teresa Banks wearing the ring.

  • Teresa Banks: Her left arm was once numb three days before she died. She wore the ring on her left ring finger. She is not wearing it during shown scenes of her murder. It was not found in her belongings. Bob put the letter "T" under the nail of her left ring finger.
  • Special Agent Chester Desmond: Found the ring where Mrs. Chalfont and her grandson lived at Fat Trout. He then disappeared shortly after to never be seen again.
  • Philip Gerard / MIKE: Shows the ring on the little finger of his sole arm to Laura while yelling "it's your father." Throws the ring at Laura during BOB's ritual, causing the latter to kill her.
  • Man From Another Place: Shows it on a table to the Good Cooper in the Lodge, asking if it is future or past. Later gives it to Laura in her dream before she died, but Cooper told her not to take it. The Man later shows the same table to Cooper, asking the same question, but with the ring missing, explaining that someone else has it now.
  • Laura Palmer: She felt numb in her left arm with the ring in her hand, when waking from the dream with the Man From Another Place mentioned above; the ring quickly disappears. She puts the ring on her left ring finger during BOB's ritual when MIKE throws it at her, forcing BOB to kill her. Bob put the letter "R" under her left ring fingernail.
  • Annie: Had the ring on her left ring finger when returning from the Black Lodge.
  • B. Roundtree: The registered nurse who took the ring from an unconscious Annie and wore it on her left ring finger.
  • Dougie Jones: a decoy of Cooper; wore the ring on his left ring finger and his left arm became numb. After being transported to the Black Lodge, Dougie disintegrated into a gold bead, and the ring fell off his hand. MIKE picked up the ring and placed it on the table.

Notes Edit

  • In Episode 16, when Cooper interrogates MIKE, the spirit mentions a golden circle when recounting his time with BOB. Cooper assumes it to be his own ring borrowed by the Giant. It can be noted that Philip Gerard sells Circle Brand Boots.
  • In Episode 29, two empty tables are seen when Earle asked Cooper's soul.
  • In Fire Walk with Me, Leland severely reprimands Laura for having dirts under her left ring finger nail.
  • Cooper's doppelganger's left ring finger has a mirrored fingerprint from the real Dale although the other fingerprints stayed the same as the original.
  • In Part 7, Cole refers to the left ring finger as the "spiritual mound" and the "spiritual finger". He also noted that Cooper's doppelganger stumbles on the corresponding word when saying "It's yrev very good to see you again old friend" although Cole said instead "I'm yrev very happy to see you again old friend".
  • In the Meeting Room, the green Formica table touched by The Man From Another Place when talking about the ring has a circular hole that he is looking at. This may indicate that the jade of The Ring is taken from this table.
  • A supposed effect of the ring is that BOB must kill those who wear it, thus forcing BOB to kill Laura instead of possessing her as wanted.
  • Another interpretation is that by wedding Man From Another Place, BOB becomes unable to possess that person. Since BOB said he wants to be or to kill Laura, he is now forced to kill her since he can't possess her.
  • The fact that a wearer loses feeling to his left arm might be because MIKE cut his one off.


  • Robert Jacoby wore a similar ring on his left ring finger but it is difficult to know if it is the same one.
  • Douglas Milford wore a similar looking gold ring with a green stone on his right little finger when he died which he was wearing before marrying Lana. It is difficult to know if it is intended to be the same one.
  • The cashier at the Silver Mustang Casino also wore a green ring on her left middle finger.

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