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"Part 8" is the eighth episode of the 2017 series of Twin Peaks and the thirty-eighth episode of the franchise as a whole. It aired on June 25, 2017.


"Gotta light?"
The Woodsman

Cooper's doppelganger and Ray Monroe drive, the former noting that there are three tracking devices on their car. He deactivates them, repurposing them to track a truck in front of them. They discuss where they are headed and the information the doppelganger wants, and he lies to Ray about Darya.

They head off the highway to a secluded area. As Ray relieves himself, Cooper demands the information and attempts to shoot him, but Ray has unloaded his gun, then shoots him with his own. Ray then sees six dark men gather around Cooper's body, tearing at it, revealing to Ray a black ball with the face of BOB. He runs away and tells Phillip Jeffries that he believes he is dead.

At the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks, an MC introduces the Nine Inch Nails. They perform their song "She's Gone Away."

Cooper's doppelganger sits up, alive.

July 16, 1945, White Sands, New Mexico, 5:29 AM (MWT), the world's first atomic bomb is detonated. Images of darkness and various distorted images are seen, followed by nebula and a convenience store, where dark men move about outside. A figure appears to regurgitate a substance, where inside are many eggs, a speckled one getting out while the face of BOB can be seen on a black ball rock.

Golden and red imagery follows, then a purple sea under the Black Lodge, where atop a rock spire is a building. Inside is a woman who listens to a phonograph. ??????? enters as a mechanism in the room makes a noise. He goes upstairs, where he views the preceding events, ascending as a golden cloud forms above his head. The woman enters as a golden orb floats down to her from the cloud. It reaches her hands and the face of Laura Palmer appears. She kisses it and sends it to Earth.

August 5, 1956, New Mexico desert. A creature hatches from a speckled egg and crawls through the desert. A teenage couple walk past a gas station, the girl finding a face-up penny. A Woodsman descends onto the ground with another dark man. They stop a car, the former asking the driver, "Gotta light?" The couple in the car becomes frightened and they speed away.

The young couple reaches the girl's home and they share a kiss before she goes inside. The Woodsman appear before new Mexico's wife and husband and then approaches KPJK radio station and goes inside, killing the receptionist. He then goes to the disc jockey, grabs him tightly by the head and repeatedly broadcasts the words, "This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within," which causes listeners to fall unconscious including Pop's Diner reception, a mechanic and the girl. Meanwhile, the creature reaches the girl's room and climbs into her mouth. The Woodsman ends his broadcast, crushes the disc jockey's skull, and leaves while the neigh of a horse can be heard.



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  • Pop's Diner was shot at Chili John's Restaurant, Burbank.
  • The Convenience Store was filmed in Olallie, WA.
  • The mechanic in the garage was filmed in North Bend, WA.
  • In an Inland Empire extra called "Quinoa", Lynch narrates a story in which he encountered creatures he described as "frog moths".
  • Trent Reznor and his band Nine Inch Nails previously contributed the soundtrack to David Lynch's film Lost Highway. Lynch also directed the music video for their single "Came Back Haunted."
  • Although his doppelganger makes an appearance, this is currently the only episode in which Dale Cooper does not appear.
  • "My Prayer" by the Platters is featured in this episode. Coincidentally, the group had a singer named David Lynch from its formation in 1952 to 1970.[2]


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