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Philip Jeffries is an Agent of the FBI. He disappears two years prior to the events of Fire Walk with Me, in which he is portrayed by David Bowie.


In the movie, Jeffries suddenly appears out of an elevator in the Philadelphia office of the FBI, two years after his (equally sudden) disappearance. He hurries to the office of his former superior, Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole and starts raving in a loud and disturbed manner, referring at one stage to Special Agent Dale Cooper and yelling “Who do you think this is, there?”

Jeffries goes on to narrate in abstract fashion where he has been since his disappearance. He mentions names and incidents that are unfamiliar to those listening. His words are illustrated by the intrusion of a ghost transmission showing a small group of characters including The Man from Another Place and BOB in a series of strange rooms.

Most of Jeffries’ bizarre utterances remain unexplained throughout the course of the movie. The story would have been explained in future movies or if the TV-show had continued, but neither happened, due to the movie underperforming. Judy, whom Jeffries mentions, would, supposedly, have turned out to be Josie Packard's identical sister.

He disappears into thin air once again after announcing “I found something... and then there they were!”

In the shooting script, and in the deleted scenes, Jeffries is in a hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when he suddenly disappears and reappears in the FBI office. He is then transported back to where he left. While in the offices, he notices a calendar, and seems shocked that it is Jeffrey 1989.

Jeffries was played by David Bowie.

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