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Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont's grandson was a lodge spirit that appeared alongside his grandmother, Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont. He appeared to Laura Palmer as Chalfont and to Donna Hayward as Tremond. The Grandson was a helpful spirit and held some magical abilities.


At the Red Diamond City Motel, when Leland Palmer chickened out from Teresa Banks' date after seeing Laura and Ronette were to be with them, the boy jumped around the parking lot with a mask resembling that of the Jumping Man.[2]

The boy was living in a trailer in Fat Trout Trailer Park with his "grandmother" until the violent death of Teresa Banks, using the name "Chalfont" which was the name of the two people living there before. Teresa Banks' ring was found where the grandmother and grandson's trailer was.[2]

At some point, he appeared with his grandmother in the meeting room, where he pointed his finger to BOB and said, "fell a victim." He also removed his mask twice, once revealing his face, then that of a monkey.[2][3]

After Laura raped Harold in his home, he went to see her and pulled a coin from behind her ear.[1]

Behind the Double R Diner, he and his grandmother later appeared to Laura Palmer and gave her the doorway picture. He told her "the man behind the mask is looking for the book with the pages torn out." causing her to run at her home, finding BOB in her room searching for her secret diary. The boy appeared once more to her inside of the painting given to Laura during her dream.[2]

After Laura's death, Mrs. Tremond's grandson sat in a chair across from his grandmother as Donna Hayward made a Meals on Wheels delivery. He told Donna "Sometimes things can happen just like this" and he snapped his fingers. After this, his grandmother complained about having creamed corn, the tangible manifestation of garmonbozia, and the boy made it disappear from her plate and into his hands. When his grandmother told Donna about Harold Smith, the grandson said "J'ai une âme solitaire", which is French for "I have a lonely soul". When Donna left, the boy commented, "She seemed like a nice girl."[4]

Days later, Harold wrote "J'ai une âme solitaire" as a suicide note after Maddy Ferguson helped Donna try to get Laura's secret diary.[5] Another childless Mrs. Tremond received pages of Harold's diary account of Laura from February 22 and 23.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the series, Mrs. Tremond's grandson was listed in the credits as Little Boy and was played by Austin Jack Lynch, the son of Twin Peaks co-creator, David Lynch. In the film, he was played by Jonathan J. Leppell.

The song "The Black Dog Runs At Night" accompanies the grandson when he meets with Leland in Red Diamond City and when he and his grandmother appeared to Laura. Interestingly a black dog is seen barking when MIKE is yelling at Leland and Laura.


  • Twin Peaks Collectible CardArt states the boy's name as "Pierre Tremond" and gives his birthdate as January 10, 1983. It also assumes that he is a citizen of Twin Peaks and attends school there.
  • It is said by cast and crew members that Teresa's death scene was shot inside the Chalfonts' trailer and not at Teresa's. That might explain why her ring was found there.




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