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Purple sea

The purple sea

The purple sea was a great, mauve-tinted body of water, home to several different supernatural beings.

Properties Edit

The sea's extent and nature was unclear. Dale Cooper, after spending twenty-five years trapped in the "waiting room" area of the Black Lodge, found himself there after falling through the floor of the waiting room, and then being flushed out of a glass box experiment in New York City.[1]

Regions Edit

Fortress Edit

Main article: Fireman's home

An enormous, monochromatic fortress sat on a rocky atoll. This was the residence of Senorita Dido and the Fireman.[2]

Outlet facility Edit

3.03 Fireplace

The hearth room

Another, smaller structure in the sea held a low-ceilinged room with a blazing fireplace. Here, Cooper found an eyeless woman in a room in which time seems to keep alternating between backward and forward. She who urged him to be quiet as something banged on the door trying to gain entry. She prevented him from exiting through an outlet (labeled "15"), instead leading him up a ladder to the roof. There, it seemed the building was actually a tiny ship structure in the middle of a starfield. The woman turned a lever on a mechanism similar to the ones in the fortress and was electrically shocked, throwing her off the edge of the roof. Cooper then witnessed the face of Garland Briggs floating through the stars, which said the words: "Blue Rose."[3]

3.03 Spaceship

Outside the first structure

Back in the hearth room, Cooper found the American girl, along with a blue rose in a vase and a different outlet (labeled "3"). When her watch struck 2:53, the girl told Cooper to leave immediately before her mother arrived. Cooper was violently pulled into the outlet on the wall, leaving his shoes behind. He was deposited without his FBI lapel pin through a power outlet in a vacant home in Rancho Rosa, Las Vegas, where his decoy Dougie Jones had just been pulled back into the Black Lodge.[3]

Behind the scenes Edit

The projection room was shot in the Tower Theatre in Los Angeles also famous for being the set of the Club Silencio in Mulholland Drive.

Lynch came up with the idea of a space ship on top of a glass box.[4]

This place might be inspired by the "Mauve Zone" from the writings of Kenneth Grant (the first person to associate Western Occultism/Magick with the alien abduction phenomena and to emphasize the role of Jack Parsons in the history of occultism, concepts that were reused by Mark Frost in The Secret History of Twin Peaks and Frost being a noted Theosophy amateur):

Grant described the Mauve Zone (like the Tree of Life's Daath), as a self-contained world at the very edge of reality between what human beings can experience and "non-existence". Magical manipulations of human reality could be done there by alien beings that could be considered as monsters, it could be visited in a particular kind of sleep, it sent messages to human reality via phenomenon like UFOs and one of the main entities associated with it is called "the daughter."

Grant also emphasised on the role of the nuclear bomb in an "occult revival" or increase of magical phenomena after World War II.

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