Red was an international drug dealer looking to operate in Twin Peaks.


At the Roadhouse one evening, he appeared to finish a conversation with Jean-Michel Renault, and then made eye contact with Shelly Briggs across the room and acknowledged her with a gun gesture.[1] At some point, the two began dating.[2]

One morning, Red met with Richard Horne and discussed drug trafficking with him. He asked Richard if he had ever studied his hand and stated that he had a liver problem that made him stamp his foot. Red then asked about The King and I and threatened Horne to not double-cross him. Red then performed a "magic" trick with a coin that hung in the air then appeared in Richard's mouth before returning to Red.[3]

Red later visited Shelly at the Double R Diner and they planned to meet later.[2]

In a Q&A, Mark Frost stated that warrants were eventually issued for Red's arrest, but "as of this writing" he remained at large.[4]



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