Richard Beymer (born George Richard Beymer, Jr., February 20, 1939) is an American actor, best known for his role as Tony in West Side Story, Schultz in The Longest Day and as Benjamin Horne in Twin Peaks and its 2017 revival. His West Side Story co-star, Russ Tamblyn joined him in Twin Peaks as Lawrence Jacoby.

He took, with Lynch's approval, the initiative to replace the photographs for the behind the scenes of the closing days of shooting of the series in Episode 29 using his own Olympus with Tri-X films. Indeed, official publicity dropped when unit publicist Paula K. Shimatsu-U did not come back after Episode 26.

He later shot and edited the documentary It's a Beautiful World on his 10-day journey with David Lynch in India about Maharishi, the founder of TM, after Lynch saw his previous documentary about Maharishi's burial.

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