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Richard Horne is a citizen of Twin Peaks involved in the region's illegal drug trade.


On one evening at the Roadhouse, Richard smoked underneath a 'no smoking' sign. He was asked to stop by an employee, but off-duty Deputy Chad Broxford told him he would handle it. Horne covertly passed Broxford a wad of cash inside his empty cigarette pack. A girl from the next table, Charlotte, asked him for a light. Richard had her join him in his booth and he aggressively grabbed her, making threats to rape her.[1]

Richard later met with gangsters led by Red, who planned on using Twin Peaks as a spot for running "sparkle" down from Canada. He sampled the product and promised that it would be easy to traffic into town. Red pulled out a dime and flipped it, it hung in the air spinning far longer than it should have, then suddenly appeared in Richard's mouth, then back in Red's hand.[2]

Later, Richard drove away from the encounter, fuming at having been called "kid" repeatedly by Red. In his anger he illegally sped into the oncoming lane and ran a stop sign, killing a young boy. He then went to a field belonging to a local farmer and wiped the boy's blood off of his truck's grill.[2][3]

Behind the scenesEdit

It is currently unknown if Richard is related to Benjamin Horne's family.


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