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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.

Rodney Mitchum, along with his brother, Bradley, owned the Silver Mustang Casino.


After a man won a total of $425,000 at the Silver Mustang, Rodney and Bradley went to the casino to punish Burns, the casino supervisor. After Rodney beat up Burns, he fired him and replaced him with the pit boss, Warrick.[1]

Later, as Rodney did paperwork, Candie smacked him in the face with a television remote as she tried to swat a fly, causing her to become hysterical as Bradley came to see what had happened. They later watched the news, seeing that Ike "The Spike" Stadtler had been arrested after trying to kill "Dougie Jones," the man who had won at the casino.

Anthony Sinclair later came to see the brothers, telling them that Jones was trying to prevent them from their insurance claim on a hotel they owned, which burned down due to arson.[2]

The following afternoon, Bradley told Rodney about a dream he had the previous night about their meeting with Jones. While waiting for the meeting, Bradley said the cut Rodney received from Candy had been healed, so he ripped it off of Rodney's face. Upon seeing Jones carrying a box, Bradley took him aside, telling him that if there was a cherry pie inside, they could not kill him. A pie was indeed found in the box and a $30 million check for the brothers was in Jones' pocket. The brothers then decided to take Dougie to dinner.[3]

The brothers later delivered gifts for Dougie's boss, Bushnell Mullins: Montecristo Number Twos, diamond cuff links, and a BMW convertible. They also purchased a gym set for Dougie's son and a BMW convertible for the family.[4]


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