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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.

Multiple convenience stores were referenced by spiritual entities that may have been connected.

After a nuclear test on July 16, 1945, woodsmen were seen frequenting a one-floored convenience store with cans piled behind the window. An outside staircase linked to its roof above it.[1]

Above a convenience storeEdit

A spirit called MIKE stated to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper in a dream that BOB – another spirit – and he lived among the people, above a convenience store.[2]


(Foreground, from left): Man from Another Place and BOB
(Background, from left): Jumping Man, The Electrician, Mrs. Tremond, Mrs. Tremond's grandson, Second Woodsman, and Woodsman.

A meeting room was seen by FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries above a convenience store. It could have been either inside the Black Lodge or in the real world. There, many spirits were gathered to "discuss" garmonbozia, a green Formica table missing a circular piece on it and with chrome trimming, a green ring, and electricity. It was linked to the red room and even turned into it and appeared to have three covered windows and some disparate furniture.[3]

Before the meeting, the arm's whooping was heard from the pole numbered six.[4]

When MIKE confronted Leland Palmer in a road traffic, he accused him of having stole "the corn" which he had canned and stored above the store.[3]

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