September 24 is the 267th day of the year (268th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 2016
    • Constance Talbot positively identifies the fingerprints found in Ruth Davenport's apartment as belonging to William Hastings, a local high school principal. Hastings is arrested at his home by Detective Dave Macklay.[2]
    • Macklay interrogates Hastings about his movements the past few days, realizing there is a sizable gap the past Thursday around the time Davenport was killed. Don Harrison orders Hastings to be placed in a cell. At Hastings' house, Macklay and Harrison discover a piece of meat in Hastings' trunk.[2]
    • After rigging Betty's car to explode, Mr. C kills Jack.[3]
    • Phyllis furiously confronts Bill in jail about his affair with Ruth, while he responds that he knows about her affair with their lawyer George Bautzer. A woodsman disappears from a nearby cell.[3]
    • Ray is captured and arrested in Yankton Federal Prison.[3]
    • NightMr. C waits for Phyllis at her home to congratulate her, then kills her with Bautzer's gun.[3]
    • In Las Vegas, Duncan Todd tells Roger to confirm that "she" has got the job, then warns him not to get involved with someone like Todd's superior.[3]
    TP The Return - Part 2
    • The doppelganger returns to the motel and confronts Darya about her and Ray's plot to have him killed. He kills Darya and then downloads the specifications of the prison where Ray is being held. Cooper then contacts someone he believes is Phillip Jeffries, but the stranger tells him that he will soon be with BOB after Cooper returns to the Black Lodge tomorrow.[3]
    • Cooper asks Chantal Hutchens down the hall to dispose of Darya's body and then meet her along with Hutch at a certain place in the next few days.[3]

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