September 29 is the 272nd day of the year (273rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 2016
    3.08 Woodsmen with Cooper

    Cooper's doppelganger is shot

    • Cooper loses the car's tracking devices. Monroe offers to give him the coordinates from Betty in exchange for $500,000. After they pull off the road, Cooper tries to threaten him with a gun from the glove compartment, only to find that Ray set him up. Ray shoots him, but several woodsmen appear, causing Ray to flee. Cooper awakens some time later.[3]
    • Morning – Mr. C walks to a farm where Hutch and Chantal are waiting for him. He orders Hutch and Chantal to kill Murphy in the next few days. He calls Duncan Todd to reiterate the kill order against Dougie Jones and sends a coded text message.[4][4]
    • As they leave for the day, Janey-E tells Cooper that she can't stop thinking about the previous night.[1]
    • En route back to Philadelphia, Gordon Cole reroutes the plane to Buckhorn to see the body Colonel Davis told him about. Murphy calls to tell Cole about Cooper's escape.[4]
    • Sheriff Truman, Hawk, and Bobby Briggs visit Betty Briggs to ask about Garland's last meeting with Cooper. She tells them about his last instruction to her and gives them a metal capsule, saying that he foresaw that they would come for this purpose.[4]
    • 11:13 a.m. MST[1] – At the Buckhorn morgue, Diane Evans receives the coded message from Mr. C.[4]
    • Dave Macklay explains the circumstances of William Hastingss' arrest before Gordon Cole and Albert Rosenfield inspect the body of Major Briggs.[4]
    • Bobby uses the trick his father taught him to open the capsule, which contains a message directing him to go to "Jack Rabbit's Palace" on October 1 and October 2.[4]
    • Agent Preston questions Hastings about his encounter with "the Major." He identifies Briggs as the man he saw.[4]
    • Bushnell Mullins summons Cooper to tell him about the insurance scam they uncovered. He gives him a $30 million check to give to the Mitchums, as their accidental fire claim was legitimate, and says they are sending a car to the office at 5:30.[5]
    • 2:23 p.m. PSTBradley and Rodney Mitchum eat breakfast and discuss their meeting with Jones later that day.[5]

    The Mitchums meet Dale Cooper in the desert

    • 5:30 p.m. PST – Bushnell walks Dougie downstairs to the waiting limousine, but Dougie first visits a coffee shop and buys a cherry pie. In the desert, he is saved when Bradley looks inside the box and explains that because of the pie Dougie is not his and Rodney's enemy. They are overjoyed to find the insurance check in his pocket.[5]
    • NightGordon Cole and Tammy Preston laugh to each other watching Albert and Constance Talbot at dinner.[1]
    • While drawing in his hotel room, Cole is interrupted by Rosenfield knocking on the door and experiences a vision of Laura Palmer. Rosenfield tells him about the text message Diane received. Agent Preston arrives and shows them a photograph of Cooper at the glass box loft before the murders with another man.[1]
    • Deputy Hawk shows Sheriff Truman an old map pertaining to Briggs' instructions. Margaret Lanterman calls to warn them about the fire at the location on Blue Pine Mountain.[5]
    • Cooper dines with the Mitchums at Santino's, where the lady slot-addict finds him and thanks him for changing her life. Candie, Mandie, and Sandie arrive after being delayed in traffic.[5]
    • Bobby Briggs visits the Double R Diner and joins Ed Hurley for dinner. Walter Lawford updates Norma Jennings on her diner franchise, suggesting that she may to compromise on her pie ingredients to remain profitable.[6]

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