Suburbis Pulaski was the mother of Ronette Pulaski, who was present and severely traumatized at the scene of Laura Palmer's murder.


On February 24, 1989, Pulaski's daughter Ronette was found after being reported missing, following the murder of Laura Palmer. Ronette was taken to the hospital.[1]

Suburbis and her husband were asked questions about their daughter by Deputy Hawk the following day. She told him Ronette worked at the perfume counter at Horne's Department Store.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Roberta Maguire was credited as playing Maria Pulaski in the pilot episode, but she does not appear in any released version. In the revised first draft of the pilot's script, Maria is mentioned once as sitting with her husband and two younger children outside the hospital room where Sharon (Ronette's name in the original script) is kept.[3]

Michelle Milantoni plays the character in Episode 1, where she is now named Suburbis.



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