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The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper is a book by Scott Frost following the huge success of the Twin Peaks television series.

It is a collection of transcripts from Agent Dale Cooper's audio tapes, from his childhood to the day he is assigned to Laura Palmer's murder. The book includes Dale's upbringing in Philadelphia, family, education at Quaker institutions Germantown Friends School and Haverford College, first stumbles with love, obsession with the FBI, and the relationship between him, Windom Earle, and Earle's wife, Caroline. Many of these tape transcripts are dictated to "Diane," though a later tape states that Cooper enjoys the thought of Diane listening to his tapes so much that he will address all tapes to her, whether she will ever listen to them or not.

Continuity errorsEdit

  • Albert Rosenfield's surname is spelled as "Rosenfelt."
  • Caroline Earle is stated to have died in 1979, when in the show, Cooper said she died "four years ago," which would place her murder around 1985.
  • The largest inconsistencies lie with the murder of Teresa Banks, as the book was written before the release of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.
    • In the book, Teresa's body is found in a ditch, she worked at Cross River Café and she lived in a lakeside cabin, none of which is true in the film.
    • In the book, Cooper investigates Teresa's murder. In the film, the case is assigned to Chester Desmond and Sam Stanley. It was originally planned for Cooper to investigate in the film, but Kyle MacLachlan wished to have a smaller role.

Appearances Edit

  • Narrators (including dialogues)
  • Prefaces narrators
    • Lewis Nordine
    • Newt Cummings
    • Minister Bradley Schlurman
    • Carl Engler
    • RA Captain Howard Teller
    • Professor Margaret Hastings
    • FBI Special Agent Aldo Smith
    • FBI Special Agent Bill Raum
    • Diane
  • Mentioned characters
    • Cooper's father
    • Emmet Cooper
    • Actor Jimmy Stewart
    • Cooper's mother
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Jim Nordine
    • Tom Johnson
    • Will Johnson
    • Mr. Botnick
    • Mr. Barstow
    • Mrs. Winslow
    • Mr. Brumley
    • Mr. Tooley
    • Daren Seedler
    • Mr. Nordstrom
    • Mrs. Nordstrom
    • Al Cooper
    • Howard
    • Actor Efrem Zimbalist
    • FBI director J. Edgar Hoover
    • Michael Bishop Tree
    • Anne Sweeney
    • Nancy Nordstrom
    • George
    • Star
    • April Larken
    • Allen K. Boyle
    • Sparks
    • Martin Luther King
    • Bobby Kenedy
    • President Nixon
    • Mrs. Peale
    • Mr. Hord
    • Mrs. Laudner
    • Jim
    • Andy
    • Tim
    • Charlotte
    • Lars
    • Lazer
    • Dr. Perkins
    • Allen
    • Betty
    • L.B. Johnson
    • Lena Fraser
    • Todd Fraser
    • Bill Fraser
    • Joan Fraser
    • Caroline Earle
    • Ted
    • John Lewis
    • Eugene L. Motts
    • FBI Special Agent Robin Masters
    • Chris Roe
    • Steven Petrini
    • Tess
    • Mr. Baldini
    • Louis Dante
    • Jimmy Lester
    • Criminal Investigation Division deputy director Gordon Cole
    • Shamrock
    • Spider
    • Mr. Bush
    • Randy
    • DEA agent Dennis Bryson
    • Mr. Weller
    • Teresa Mary Banks
    • Ellen Banks
    • Tony Banks
    • Sheriff Cable


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