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A Bookhouse Boys patch, held by Agent Cooper in the episode The Black Widow.

The Bookhouse Boys are a secret society formed to combat the darkness surrounding the town of Twin Peaks. As of the beginning of the series, they are not aware of the existence of the Black and White Lodge as such, but do know that there is a kind of evil surrounding the town which causes dark and unusual events to occur; they believe that this might be part of the "price" the town has to pay for all the benefits that come from its comparative seclusion from the modern world.

The members, some of whom belong to the police department, also play a kind of vigilante role against drug dealers, etc. The group was formed sometime in the 1960s. They are not afraid to take the law into their own hands: e.g., when Bernard Renault is interrogated in the Bookhouse.


A meeting of the Bookhouse Boys at the Double RR Diner.

Like the Freemasons, they have their own secret gesture, a stroke with a finger on the temple They derive their name from their meeting place, the Bookhouse. It is a building full of books; it contains a bar and cafe, where members can make their own drinks. No mention of a membership fee is made. It is largely a wooden structure, with many alcoves, and old furniture. It is said to have been built in the 40s or 50s. When Sheriff Truman loses Josie Packard, he gets drunk and trashes the place.



(from L to R) Hawk, Cooper, James, Truman, Ed

The best known members of the Bookhouse Boys are:

According to Sheriff Truman, Hank Jennings was also once one of the Bookhouse Boys, and in fact, "one of the best". However, Hank's later behavior, including drug dealing and assassination attempts, which resulted in him getting sent to prison, suggests that he was almost certainly expelled

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