The Giant appears to FBI agent Dale Cooper in visions, first right after Cooper has been shot in his hotel room. The Giant provides Cooper with clues about the murder of Laura Palmer.


In March 1989, the Giant appeared at the Great Northern Hotel in FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper's room to tell him three things that he said would come true: "there's a man in a smiling bag," "the owls are not what they seem," and "without chemicals, he points." He then took Cooper's ring and said he would give it back when these things came true. He also said "Leo locked inside hungry horse" and that there was a clue at Leo's home. After telling the special agent he would require medical attention for his gunshot wound, he disappeared.[1]

The next night, he appeared to Cooper again to tell him that he forgot to tell him something. Cooper mentioned the smiling bag to be true. The Giant then said that one person had seen the "third man" and that three people had seen him, but not his body. He then told Cooper he forgot something and disappeared.[1]

As Maddy Ferguson was being murdered, he appeared to Cooper onstage at the Roadhouse, and said "It is happening again, it is happening again."[2]


When Cooper remembered that, in his dream, Laura told him her father killed her, the Giant appeared to him and returned his ring.[3]

The Giant appeared to Cooper onstage at the Roadhouse as he danced with Annie Blackburn, and was discussing having her join the Miss Twin Peaks competition. The Giant waved his arms back and forth and saying, "No," as if warning him.[4]

He appeared to Cooper once again in the Red Room, taking place of the elderly waiter. He sat next to The Man from Another Place and said "one and the same," before he disappeared.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Giant was played by Dutch actor Carel Struycken, who later played ??????? in the 2017 series.

Cultural references Edit

  • The Finnish Doom metal band Swallow the Sun's song The Giant refers to this character. Their album Ghosts of Loss also mentions Laura Palmer in another song.
  • The outro track Transmission 3 after the song What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1 - Blue Sky Revisit) on the album Endtroducing..... by DJ Shadow samples the voice of the Giant.
  • The Giant's words to Cooper in the hotel bedroom are sampled on the classic ambient album Substrata by Biosphere. The phrase "Sorry to wake you... I forgot to tell you something... The things I tell you will not be wrong..." appears in the song 'The Things I Tell You'.
  • In the Simpson's episode, Lisa's Sax, Homer is seen watching Twin Peaks in which The Giant is dancing with a white horse. Homer's response to this is "Brilliant, heheh!...I have absolutely no idea what's going on.".


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