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  Thomas Eckhardt was the former business partner of Andrew Packard, whom he arranged to have killed.


Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 2Edit

Episode 21Edit

Eckhardt arrives in Twin Peaks with his assistant, Jones.

Episode 22Edit

Thomas calls Josie Packard, wishing to meet with her. Catherine Martell hops onto the line, welcoming him to Twin Peaks.

He goes to Blue Pine Lodge, the home of the Martells and Josie. He and Catherine, discussing his past with Andrew Packard -- who he arranged to have killed two years prior -- and the handling of Josie.

Episode 23Edit

Eckhardt goes to the elevator at the Great Northern, where he encounters Andrew Packard, who is alive and well. He tells Thomas that Josie is the reason he was able to avoid death.

He meets with Josie in his suite. After a commotion, she shoots him. An armed man shows up at the door as Thomas rises from bed, bleeding from his chest and laughing until he falls over, dead.

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