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This article contains major spoilers from Twin Peaks. If you have not watched the whole series, it is strongly recommended that you do not read this article.

Thomas Eckhardt is the former business partner of Andrew Packard, and obsessively in love with Josie Packard. Eckhardt hails from South Africa, but moved to Hong Kong, where he formed a business partnership with American Andrew Packard. The relationship soured as the two competed for the love of Josie, a protegé of Eckhardt. Eventually Josie married Andrew, who took her with him to Twin Peaks. However, it is unclear whether this was part of a plan by Eckhardt, as Josie arranged the assassination of Andrew, covered up by a boating accident.

After Josie has also arranged for the burning of the Packard Saw Mill and sold the land, Eckhardt expects her to return to Hong Kong. As she refuses and kills Eckhardt's emissary, Eckhardt personally comes for her and insists on a meeting. Josie shoots Eckhardt, but dies only moments later out of fear, accompanied by the appearance of BOB, who mocks the approaching Agent Cooper. Eckhardt left a puzzle box to Andrew Packard, who was revealed to have eluded his assassination, and Catherine Martell. The box contains several boxes and eventually holds the key to a safe deposit box at the local bank. When Andrew opens the safe box, a bomb explodes inside, probably killing Andrew and his bystanders.

On Eckhardt's order, his assistant, Miss Jones, also attempted to kill Josie's lover, Sheriff Truman, but failed.

David Warner is also famous for his role in suspense horror film The Omen (1976), where he played alongside Gregory Peck.

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