Tim Pinkle was a dance choreographer, pine weasel expert and home care salesman.

He was also a taxidermist and owned Tim and Tom's Taxi-dermy with his blind brother Tom, who drove a taxi with a set of antlers on the roof while Tim himself gave him directions. Tim was the one who stuffed animals.[1]


In early March 1989, Pete Martell had a fish taxidermied by Tim and Tom.[2]

About a week later, Pinkle demonstrated a Port-O-Patient for Bobby Briggs and Shelly Johnson, who wished to have one for the invalid Leo Johnson. However, the machine was shown to be unsafe. Tim then got in the machine and it went haywire as Bobby and Shelly left the room.[3]

At the Stop Ghostwood campaign's fashion show, Pinkle presented the endangered pine weasel. Tim told Dick Tremayne that the weasel wanted to kiss him, but it ended up biting his nose, which ultimately caused chaos.[4]

A few days later, he choreographed the Miss Twin Peaks Contest.[5]