Note: Many of the following dates are according to The Secret History of Twin Peaks, which currently has known apparent continuity errors with the rest of the franchise. Until the nature of these discrepancies is known, please take this page with a grain of salt.

The following is a timeline of events as described in Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town and The Secret History of Twin Peaks, the aim of this page is to include everything, even if it creates conflicts in continuity.

Some of these events correspond to real events with known dates but here it has been chosen to stick only to what is described in the Twin Peaks franchise.

Circa 1,000,000,000 B.C. Edit

The American West Coast is under water.[1]

Circa 200,000,000 B.C. Edit

Pangea splits itself with North America being separated from Europe.[1]

Circa 100,000,000 B.C. Edit

Subcontient Okananga hits North America creating White Tail and Blue Pine mountains by volcanism and the Kootenay Arc at the West of Twin Peaks.[1]

1 to 5,000,000 B.C. Edit

Washington is under 1 mile thick ice, the melting ice creates White Tail Falls and valleys and gorges near Pearl Lakes.[1]

2-3,000,000 B.C. Edit


Circa 25,000 B.C. Edit

  • In Washington state, Asian ancestors to the Snoqualmie, Umpqua, Methow, Cayuse, Yakima, Spokan, Flathead and Nez Perce tribe arrive.[1]

6th century B.C. Edit

  • In futur Iraq, Ezekiel witnesses "angelic chariots."[2]

12th century Edit

  • In America, Welsh prince Madoc allegedly settles and founds colonies of "white Indians" including the Mandan tribe.[2]

15th century Edit

  • Freemasonry emerges.[2]

16th century Edit

Undated Edit

  • Rabelais creates the concept of the Church of Thelema in a satirical novel.[2]

1542 Edit

  • Puget Sound, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is the first western explorer to arrive.[1]

Circa 1572 Edit

  • Puget Sound is renamed Nova Albion by not yet sir Francis Drake in horror of Elizabeth I.[1]

17th century Edit

1670 Edit

  • The king of England enables the Hudson Bay Company to exploit the North American contient.[1]

18th century Edit

1741 Edit

  • Puget Sound, Russian explorers Vitus Behring and Peter Cherikof arrive.[1]

1775 Edit

  • Birth of Dominick Renault.[1]

1776 Edit

  • A new type of castor hat occurs in Europe.[1]

1787 Edit

  • Wilkinson becomes a double agent for Spain.[2]
  • Twin Peaks' marsh flats, Moose Massacre of 50 animals.[1]
  • May, French trapper and pedophile Gaston Leroux dies next to a lot of moss near the Owl Cave after being the first to write that moss always grows to the North.[1]

1791 Edit

  • Discovery of titanium.[2]

1793 Edit

  • Alexander MacKenzie is the first white person to reach Pacific North-West.[1]

1795 Edit

  • Ivan Pritikoff concludes the Vladivostok treaty with the Chinook tribe.[1]

1800 Edit

  • A new type of castor hat occurs in Europe.[1]

Late century Edit

  • Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola gives its name to the Arroyo Seco desert.[2]

19th century Edit

Undated Edit

  • 19th December, in Maple Creek, Wisconsin, one numerous such discoveries is the exhumation of the remains of a 9 feet tall man from an ancient burial mound.[2]
  • Over the American West, “Mystery airships” appear soaring.[2]
  • A new type of castor hat occurs in Europe.[1]

Circa 1801 Edit

  • For two years, Lewis is secretary of Jefferson.[2]

1802 Edit

  • Dominick Renault goes from Montreal to Northwest Passage.[1]

1803 Edit

  • Dominick Renault reaches Black Lake and opens a trading post North from White Tail Falls.[1]

Circa 1803 Edit

  • 2 years and a half before Jefferson's entry, Lewis begins to explore America.[2]

1804-1805 Edit

  • Merriwether Lewis and William Clark guided by the Shoshone Sacagawea open the Northwest Passage.[1]
  • Baron John Jacob Astor exploits castor in Northwest.[1]

1805 Edit

  • The plot of vice president Aaron Burr against president Jefferson is exposed.[2]
  • April, Lewis' dispatches return to civilization.[2]
  • 13th June, Lewis sees Twin Peaks' mountains in the North and his expedition goes there when quitting Missoula.[1]
  • 20th September, captain William Clark meets the Nez Perce tribe.[2]
  • 21st September, Clark is led to chief Twisted Hair who gives a map of the White Indians' falls to Lewis.[2]
  • 25th September, captain Meriwether Lewis writes of having received the jade ring and map from Twisted Hair.[2]
  • 3 days after receiving the ring, Lewis travels alone to the map location and gets a psychedelic experience from wearing the ring, sees the "silent man" and then destroys the map.[2]
  • 3rd October, Lewis reunites with Clark.[2]
  • President Thomas Jefferson writes an entry about Lewis.[2]

1807 Edit

  • The Corps of Discovery including Lewis and Clark arrive in Washington.[2]
  • Lewis is appointed Governor of Upper Louisiana by president Jeffersonn replacing James Wilkinson.[2]
  • Burr is arrested and set on trial.[2]

1808 Edit

  • 21st September, Lewis announces in his Missouri Gazette the founding of the St. Louis Masonic Lodge, Lodge III, with him as its first Master.[2]

1809 Edit

  • 10th October, Lewis arrives at Grinder's Stand.[2]
  • 11th October, morning, death of Meriwether Lewis, age 35.[2]
  • 18th October, Major James Neely reports Lewis' death to Jefferson.[2]

Circa 1811 Edit

  • Circa 2 years after Lewis' death, Majot Gilbert Russel writes a letter to Jefferson about Lewis' mental condition the day before he dies.[2]

1812 Edit

  • A new type of castor hat occurs in Europe.[1]

1814 Edit

  • The official definitive account of Lewis and Clark expedition is published.[2]

1815 Edit

  • A new type of castor hat occurs in Europe.[1]

1817 Edit

  • Angus MacDowell writes about the potlatch Indian tradition in his diary.[1]

1818 Edit

  • Poison Ivy Epidemic.[1]

1820 Edit

  • A new type of castor hat occurs in Europe.[1]

1824 Edit

  • Birth of Liver-Eating Johnson.[2]

1825 Edit

  • A new type of castor hat occurs in Europe.[1]
  • Death of General Wilkinson.[2]

1837 Edit

  • A new type of castor hat occurs in Europe.[1]

1848 Edit

  • US congressional committee order an investigation over Lewis' death.[2]

Circa 1850 Edit

  • Martells French trappers hunt Twin Peaks' area beavers.[2]
  • The Bohemian Grove Illuminati groupemerges.[2]

Second half of the century Edit

  • Explorers arrive in Northwest from the East.[1]

1855 Edit

  • Death of Dominick Renault.[1]

1868 Edit

  • Birth of Rudolph Martell.[1]

1870's Edit

  • White prospectors find gold in Wallowa Valley, homeland of the Nez Perce.[2]

1870 Edit

  • Thomas Randolph Jefferson finds a cache of manuscript by his father the President Jefferson.[2]

1877 Edit

  • Summer, Chief Joseph goes to place of "Sky People" formerly visited by Lewis before retreating to Canada.[2]
  • August, General Oliver Howard contacts Colonel Nelson Miles about the Nez Perce's retreat to British Columbia.[2]
  • 5th October, 30 miles south of the Canadian border, Chief Joseph surrenders to General Howard.[2]
  • For 31 years, Captain Erskine Wood and Cjief Joseph plead their case to 3 different presidents.[2]

1878 Edit

  • Unguin Packard is born.[1]

1879 Edit

  • Wayne Chance writes an entry about his finding of the Owl Cave with Denver Bob Hobbes, using a "Yakima map".[2]
  • 14th January, Joseph delivers "A Plea for Peace & Equality" to Washington, D.C.[2]

1880's Edit

  • 3 years before the Packards, the Martells create a Sawmill.[2]
  • The Packard Mill is founded.[2]

1882 Edit

  • Opening of the first Opera House with Sarah Bernhardt performing Carmille.[1]
  • Death of the Twin Peaks pioneer General George MacDowell and burial wih his horse Prancer in Black Lake Cemetery.[1]

Circa 1885 Edit

  • 6 years after his plea, the Nez Perce tribe is allowed in the Oklahoma Indian Reservation.[2]

1888 Edit

  • Twin Peaks is made of shacks around Black Lake, served by the Wakahannawawak Trading Post (later known as Thor's Trading Post before being burned down sometime before the 1905 earthquake).[1]

1889 Edit

  • Knute Rockne is born.[1]
  • 19th December, Reverend Isaiah Hurly notices the beginning of the Blizzard of 1889.[1]
  • Second Saturday of December, at the Candlelighting and Christmas Tree Ceremony on Meadowlark Hill, the Blizzard of 1889 kills 43 people. Edwardo Delegato and José "Shorteyes" Manuela discover the Flathead Tribe's Owl Cave.[1]
  • 21st December, Katy Mullen, James Packard's secretary sees dozens of coffins in the Opera House.[1]

1890 Edit

  • Spring[1], James and Unguin Packard arrive to Twin Peaks from Boston.
  • James Packard claims terrains around White Tail Falls.[2]
  • Next to Black Lake, the 2 acres Packard Mill is build with 8 employees despite a conflict with the Kwakiutl tribe.[1]
  • Unguin Packard creates the Those of Bloon club.[1]

1891 Edit

  • Rudolph and Pixie Martell go from St. Louis to San Francisco but their mule die in Twin Peaks and they create the Martell Mill.[1]
  • 4th of July, in the future Roadhouse, John Hanford, the first mayor of Twin Peaks creates the Little Scottie cocktail.[1]

1892 Edit

  • Mark Twain gets lost in Twin Peaks forrest.[1]
  • Twin Peaks, Ladoux Tannery opens on Rattail River.[1]

1893 Edit

  • 19th July, Agnes Turnquist writes about Ladoux Tannery.[1]

1894 Edit

  • Birth of Daisy Packard.[1]

1896 Edit

  • The Terrible Fire destroys the first Opera House.[1]

1900 Edit

  • Death of John Jeremiah Liver-Eating Johnson in Santa Monica, California.[2]
  • Friedrich Weyerhaeuser purchases terrain in the state of Washington with James Packard as associate.[2]
  • End of the Those of Bloon club after Unguin is interned.[1]

20th century Edit

Undated Edit

  • Lewis' descendants ask the government for a forensic study on Lewis' corpse.[2]
  • Pixie Martell goes to an Indian tribe.[1]
  • Nealith Martell and Bessie Spoon marry together.[1]
  • Crosby Truman has a patent for Mill companies.[1]
  • Nealith Martell sells the Mill to Ezekial Packard and then dies from food poisoning.[1]
  • Bessie Martell is thunder struck.[1]

1902 Edit

  • 24th February, the Night of the Burning River in Twin Peaks because of the Packards and Martells sawmill competition, killing 6 peoples followed by 2 other from injuries.[2]
  • Oscar Wilde is in Twin Peaks.[1]

1903 Edit

  • A picture of Chief Joseph is taken by Edward Curtis in Seatlle.[2]

1904 Edit

  • Death of Chief Joseph, age 64, in the Oklahoma Indian Reservation, Washington State.[2]
  • The Grange is build with the Packard Mill's douglas firs in Twin Peaks.[1]

1905 Edit

  • 11th August, birth of Dougie Milford.[2]
  • A smallish earthquake destroys every Twin Peaks buildings, including Horne's General Store which is rebuilt as Horne's Department Store, but except the Grange and causes fires which destroy thousands of acres.[1]
  • Orville Horne arrives in Twin Peaks and opens the Horne's Department Store. Its competitors burn down.[2]

1906-1907 Edit

  • In the Grange, timber wars between the Packard and Martell Mills.[1]

1908 Edit

  • In the Grange, speech by James Packard to stop the timber wars.[1]

1910 Edit

  • August's Labor Day Weekend, James Packard creates the annual Packard Timber Games.

1913 Edit

  • Vanity Press: Ashtabula publishes Some Pretty Good Speeches I Have Heard by A.P. Johnson which includes James Packard's 1908's speech.[1]

Before 1914 Edit

  • More than 75 years before Leland's trial, his grandfather Joshua Palmer brings the familly in Twin Peaks.[3]

1914 Edit

  • Death of a drunk Morgan Jennings, run over by a beer wagon in Spokane.[2]
  • Jolene Jennings has been working at the Double R for 35 years.[2]
  • October, at the annual Lumber Days Festival in the Grange Hall, Jean Jacques Renault tries to kill Thomas Packard and flees to Canada.[2]
  • Ersel Martell begins his 3 year emprisonment for Packard's attack.[2]

1915 Edit

  • Enrico Caruso refuses to sing in Twin Peaks, causing the plan to create the Bijou.[2]

1916 Edit

  • The Opera House is rebuilt but Enrico Caruso misses the opening.[1]

1917 Edit

  • Paris and London: The Overseas Press publishes French Explorers: Enigmas in Fur by E. Targaski.[1]

1918 Edit

  • Caruso sings at the premiere of the Bijou Opera House in Twin Peaks, financed by the Hornes and the Packards.[2] He performs James Packard's favorite plays and his companion is replaced by James' daughter Mavis Packard.[1]
  • Following the creation of the first shool of Twin Peaks, the Bookhouse becomes a library.[2]

Circa 1919 Edit

  • 72 years before being interviewed for the Access Guide to Twin Peaks, Helga Bjorn is born.[1]

1920's Edit

  • Douglas Milford is the town drunk of Twin Peaks.[2]
  • Horne's Department Store grows to a 3-story tall buildings.[2]
  • The Owl Cave is a popular place.[1]

Circa 1920 Edit

  • High School freshman Dwayne Milford makes the first Twin Peaks High football pass with his brother Douglas who filed to receive.[1]

1920 Edit

  • A dam is build at the Devil's Gate.[2]

1922 Edit

  • The Twin Peaks Gazette is created.[2]
  • Ezekial Packard destroys his old 2 acres Sawmill to build a new 25 acres one.[1]

1923 Edit

  • Crowley publishes the novel "The Moonchild".[2]
  • Odler Press publishes Great Circus Tragedies chronicling Pixie Martell's circus accident.[1]

1924 Edit

  • Packard Mill has about 100 employees.[1]

1925 Edit

  • Titanium becomes usable.[2]
  • Dan Hayward founds a family medicine practice.[2]
  • The Bijou Opera House becomes Twin Peaks' first movie theater,[2] and premieres with Charlie Chaplin's Gold Rush and Sergei Eisenstein's The Battleship Potemkin.[1]

1926 Edit

  • Birth of Andrew Packard.[1]

1927 Edit

  • January, 6 months before Andrew's entry, Douglas has a close encounter at Glastonbury Grove.[2]
  • 14th May, the Twin Peaks Gazette publishes Scout 1st class Andrew Packard's article "Our Strange Camping Trip".[2]
  • 21st June, Andrew writes a diary entry about Douglas' experience.[2]
  • Benjamin Horne Sr, starts digging foundations for the Great Northern Hotel.[1]

1929 Edit

  • After the crash, when the Depression it, Douglas leaves Twin Peaks.[2]
  • The Bijou shows the first talking movie The Jazz Singer, killing the last Civil War veteran of the town from laughing from Jolson's songs.[2]
  • Tuesday night, one week before the Great Northern opens, the Sawmill River Lodge hotel burns down.[2]
  • The Hornes build the Great Northern hotel.[2]
  • 25th May, Will Hayward is born.[1]

1930's Edit

  • Douglas Milford is homeless.[2]
  • Richard Sharpe Shaver's first contact with the Lemurians.[2]

1931 Edit

  • Death of Rudolph Martell from gangrene.[1]
  • 8th May, birth of Robert Jacoby.[2]

1932 Edit

  • TP Press publishes The Function of Neurosis in Snoqualmie Culture by T. Billings.[1]

1933 Edit

  • The Martells harvest the rest of the usable trees on their land.[2]
  • Milo Phelan and his gang rob Twin Peaks' bank and hide in the Owl Cave but are found the following night.[1]
  • Spring, Zebulon Martell sells his land and limbrage rights to Thomas Packard the day he dies. Thomas rehires all Martell employees.[2]

1934 Edit

  • 30th January, Lawrence Jacoby is born.[1]
  • 28th June, Pete Martell is born.[1]

1936 Edit

  • Construction of Andrew's Chris-Craft Sportsman boat.[2]

1937 Edit

  • The Nazis allegedly recovers a crashed flying saucer, forming the basis of their "fixed-wing" aircraft program.[2]
  • Iambic Press publishes Hugo Boot's Formidable or Fake.[1]
  • Knute Rockne dies.[1]

1938 Edit

  • August's Labor Day weekend, Bernie Welch accident kills a spectator during the sheaf pitch event of the Packard Timber Games.[1]

1939 Edit

  • The Jacoby family moves to Pearl Harbor.[2]
  • Thomas Packard closes and destroys the Martell sawmill.[2]

Circa 1939 Edit

  • Pete Martell, age 5, learns to fish with his father.[1]

World War II Edit

  • War beginning, Daisy Packard begins to manage the Packard Mill.[1]
  • "Foo fighters" are sighted by both sides of the conflict.[2]
  • Crisman and Clay Shaw are OSS operatives.[2]
  • Final months, the brothers Walter and Reimar Horten design a jetpowered flying-wing aircraft called the Horten Ho 229.[2]

1940's Edit

  • Early decade, Massive sightings over Los Angeles.[2]
  • President Jefferson's documents collection is moved to the Library of Congress.[2]
  • Late decade, Unguin Air Force base is created.[1]

1940 Edit

  • Richard and Esther Jacoby divorce.[2]
  • 4th August, Benjamin Horne is born.[1][2]
  • 10th October, Margaret Coulson is born.[2]
  • 4th November, Catherine Martell is born.[1]

1941 Edit

  • The Bijou first broadcasts 49th Parallel.[2]
  • Sheriff Frederick Truman creates the Citizens Brigade, with its meeting taking place at the Bookhouse.[2]
  • 7th December, Pear Harbor attack.[2]
  • 8th December, in San Francisco, Milford enlists in the US Army Air Corps.[2]

Circa 1941 Edit

  • 6 years before the Roswell Incident, crashes in Texas and Missouri.[2]

1942 Edit

  • The US Government seizes the Nez Perce settlement to build the Hanford Engineering Company while the tribe is moved to nearby farms.[2]
  • Fairchild Air Force Base is created.[2]

Circa 1943 Edit

  • 3 years before his plane accident, Arnold gets the habit of checking his plane before taking off.[2]

1944 Edit

  • November, in Guam, Sergeant Milford's black market traffic is exposed. He is demoted and sent to another detachment.[2]

1945 Edit

  • Daisy Packard is a renowned leader.[1]
  • Private Milford is at the White Sands Missile Range in Alamogordo, New Mexico. As an unofficial part of the Manhattan Project.[2]
  • January, over the Hanford site, atleast 3 bright balls of fire UFO sighted by a pilot.[2]
  • 26th May, Fred Crisman alegedly meets Lemurians in Burma.[2]
  • August, L. Ron Hubbard meets Jack Parsons.[2]
  • Hubbard leaves Helen for her sister Sara "Betty" Northrup.[2]
  • Hubbard is discharged from the army.[2]

After the War Edit

  • Jack Parsons owns a mulit-million dollars business.[2]

1946 Edit

  • Ray Palmer has his biggest success by publishing "The Shaver Mystery" in Amazing Stories.[2]
  • About a year before the Maury Island Incident, Palmer publishes Crisman's letter about his alleged Lemurian encounter in Amazing Stories.[2]
  • Over Northern Europe, then Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, over 200 sightings of "ghost rockets".[2]
  • 10th December, a US Marines plane disappears on Mt. Rainier.[2]

1947 Edit

  • Secretary of Defense James Forrestal resigns.[2]
  • Will Hayward attends his first year of medical school.[2]
  • Fairchild Air Force Base goes to Strategic Air Command.[2]
  • 19th May, 12:15 PM, in Manitou Springs, Colorado, a small silver UFO is sighted on ground by 3 Railroad employees. Binoculars x4 and x6 can not focus on it and it makes neither sound or trails.[2]
  • 22nd May, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, UFO sighting by a Businessman-pilot on ground .[2]
  • Summer, over 850 reports of UFO sightings appear in the collective U.S. media, with over 150 being reported into the files of the Air Force Technical Intelligence.[2]
  • 21st June, 11:00 AM, on a boat over Puget Sound Harbor near Maury Island, Harold Dahl and his son Charles, 16, sight 6 Doughnut-shaped metallic gold or silver UFOs of 200 feet diameter. They drop fragments on the boat killing the dog and burning Charles. No sound. Discarded by the futur Project Sign. Dahl immediately warns Crisman.[2]
  • Dahl mails fragments to Ray Palmer.[2]
  • 22nd June
    • Paul Lantz publishes Dahl's Muary Island sighting in the Tacoma Times.[2]
    • 11:30 AM, in Greenfield, Massachussets, a small and very bright silver, irregular round but not especially disc-like UFO is sighted by a well-educated person on ground. Making neither sound or trails.[2]
  • 24th June, over the Cascade Mountain Range of Mt. Rainier, Washington, the airborne Businessman-pilot Kenneth Arnold sees 9 flying saucers in formation while searching for the missing US Marines plane.[2]
  • 25th June, Arnold reports his sighting.[2]
  • The weekend before the Roswell crash, Jack Parsons does a ritual in the New Mexico desert.[2]
  • 28th June, 9:20 PM, in Maxwell Field, Alabama, a slightly more brilliant than a star UFO in zig-zag course is sighted by 3 AAF Captains and one 1st Lieutenant on ground.[2]
  • 29th June, 1:30 PM, near White Sands, New Mexico, a silent UFO with solar speculars sighted with no protuberances is sighted by 3 NRL Employees on ground: the Administrator Assistant of the Rocket Sonde Section, two scientists and one of their wifes. Possibly left vapor trails.[2]
  • 1st July in Bakersfield, California, UFO sighted by a civilian pilot on ground.[2]
  • 4th July, 8:15 PM, in Emmett, Idaho, airborne United Air Lines Pilot of a DC-3 Emil J. Smith, his Copilot and his stewardess sight an UFO while going from Boise to Seattle. No sound or trails.[2]
  • 5th July, Corporal Milford sees the Roswell crash and witnesses General Nathan F Twining.[2]
  • 6th July,
    • 1:45 PM, in Clay Center, Kansas, a very bright silver, round disc-shaped UFO of 30-50 feet diameter is sighted by an airborne AAF Major. No sound or trails.[2]
    • In Fairfield-Suisun, California, an UFO the size of a C-54 at 10,000 feet with a sun-reflecting top is sighted by an AAF Captain on ground. No sound or trail.[2]
  • 7th July,
    • 11:45 AM, in Koshkonong, Wisconsin, an UFO saucer sighted by an airborne CAP instructor and his student. No sound or trails.[2]
    • 2:30 PM, in East Troy, Wisconsin, an UFO is sighted by an airborne CAP Pilto with a passenger. No sound or trails.[2]
  • 8th July,
    • 3:50 PM, at Mt. Baldy, California, a lightly reflecting flat disc UFO with the depth size of an F-51 is sighted by an airborne ACCNG 1st Lieutenant. No sound or trails.[2]
    • Milford is interviewed by a Regular Army Lieutenant about the Roswell crash.[2]
  • 9th July, 11:30 PM, at Grand Falls, Newfoundland, 4 phosphorous flat discs UFOs in a line sighted by 3 Newfounfland constables on ground. No sound or trails.[2]
  • 10th July, 4:00 PM, in Harmon Field, Newfoundland, silvery cloud-cutting UFO shapped like a circular egg and the span of a C-54 at 10,000 feet sighted by one representative of TWA and one of FAA on ground. No sound but leaves a 15 miles long bluish black trail glowing like a powerful light when being turned off.[2]
  • 12th July,
    • Major Milford and FBI Special Agent Frederic Nathan interrogate Kenneth Arnold, age 32.[2]
    • 6:30 PM, in Elmendorf Field, Alaska, a grayish balloon shaped UFO of 10 feet diameter paralleling the couse of a landing C-47 sighted by an AAF Major on ground. No sound or trails.[2]
  • 14th July, in Seattle, Milford buys a black 1947 Buick Roadmaster sedan from Bob J. Hart.[2]
  • Wednesday 30th July, afternoon, in room 502 of Winthorp Hotel, Tacoma, Arnold meets Dahl and Crisman.[2]
  • 31st July,
    • morning, Arnold picks up Smith and meet Captain Davidson and Lieutenant Brown of the AAF, sent by Milford and Nathan after a call from Arnold.[2]
    • A Man in Black riding a black Buick sedan warns Dahl. Charles is missing.[2]
    • Night, in room 502, meeting between Arnold, Smith, Davidson, Brown and Crisman.[2]
  • August, Crisman returns from Alaska.[2]
  • Thursday, August 1st,
    • Transfer of the US Army Air Forces into the new independant US Air Force.[2]
    • 12:30 AM, Crisman anonymously reveals the content of the discussion to Lantz.[2]
    • 1:00 AM, Davidson and Brown take a B-25 plane to transport a corn flakes box with 25-30 fragments of the Maury Island crash to the Hamilton Field base.[2]
    • Circa 1:30 AM, the B-25 crashes near Kelso, Washington.[2]
    • Lantz publishes a Tacoma Times article about the crash.[2]
    • Crisman is moved to Alaska.[2]
    • 5:30 PM, Arnold and Smith are called by Ted Morello.[2]
  • After 5 days, Charles Dahl reappers in a motel in Missoula, Montana.[2]
  • A few days after the crash, a Man in Black steals Palmer's cigar box with Maury Island fragments.[2]
  • 8th August, Lantz publishes a Tacoma Times article with the analysis of the third and last bunch of Maury Island fragments: it contains calcium and titanium.[2]
  • A few month after his return from Alaska, Crisman publishes a second letter in Amazing Stories about a Lemurian base in Alaska.[2]
  • September, Project Sign is created, overseen by Air Force Technical Intelligence.[2]
  • September 4th, 7:30 PM, in Twin Peaks, Washington, Einer Jennings sights AAF Lieutenant Dan Luhrman in a fighter plane following a silvery white disc UFO of 60-100 feet diameter. No sounds or trails.[2]
  • September 6th, Robert publishes a Twin Peaks Gazette article on Einer Jennings' UFO sighting.[2]
  • September 8th,
    • Fred Crisman is pulled from the Air Force reserve.[2]
    • 2:30PM, at Glastonbury Grove, Major Milford sees the abductions of Margaret Coulson, Carl Rodd and Alan Traherne by a metalic silver house-sized UFO. No sound or trails.[2]
  • September 9th, 4:30PM, Margaret Coulson is examined by Dr Dan Hayward.[2]
  • September 12th, Robert publishes the Twin Peaks Gazette article "All's well that ends well" on Maggie, Carl and Alan's returns.[2]
  • Autumn, sunday afternon, two Men in Black, one seen before by Mrs Lantz, warn Paul Lantz to stop his investigations on the Kelso crash.[2]
  • The US Army Air Corps becomes the US Air Force.[2]
  • 9th December, 8:00 AM, first meeting of Project Sign, including Major Milford and General Twining.[2]

Circa 1947 Edit

  • After 2 years of community college in Spokane, Alan Traherne moves to Los Angeles and works as a sound technician.[2]

1948 Edit

  • Presidential candidate Harry S. Truman visits the Owl Cave, becomes an honorific Flathead Tribe member and makes a speech at the Grange. Boyd Truman meets him when departing Twin Peaks.[1]
  • Andrew Packard, age 22, inherits the Packard Mill lead from Daisy.[1]
  • Few months after their first meeting, Project Sign produces "An Estimate of the Situation".[2]
  • President Truman appoints the first secretary of defense of the USA: James Forrestal.[2]
  • 1sr January, Douglas Milford's Roswell pass expires.[2]
  • 10th January, Paul Lantz, age 29, officially dies of meningitis.[2]
  • Spring, Ray Palmer publishes the first issue of Fate Magazine, containing Arnold's account of his meeting with Palmer and Crisman.[2]
  • Project Sign becomes Project Grudge. President Truman and General Twining form the Majestic 12.[2]

During Truman's presidency Edit

  • Circulars takes control of the Owl Cave and rename it Elk Cave.[1]

Circa 1949 Edit

  • Nearly 40 years before Maddy's murder, BOB starts lurking in the Great Northern.[4]

1949 Edit

  • Architrave Press: Tacoma publishes Redemption in Wood and Marble: The Twin Peaks Grange by N. Mailer.[1]
  • Officials at Hanford covertly releases massive amounts of raw, irradiated uranium fuel into the local environment.[2]
  • A second UFO crash, following the Roswell one.[2]
  • 17th October, Lieutenant L. Ron Hubbard talks about Jack Parsons to Congressman Nixon.[2]
  • 12th November, Congressman Nixon contacts General Twining about his interview with Hubbard.[2]
  • 3rd December, Major Milford files a report on Jack Parsons regarding his security access renewal assesment.[2]

1950's Edit

  • Early 1950's, Emma Thrimble creates Mrs. Thrimble's Bed and Breakfast at 29 South Sparkwood Road in Lower Town.[1]
  • The FBI enquires at Hap's Diner when Hap is still runnign the place.[5]
  • Andrew Packard introduces chainsaw to the Mill.[1]
  • End of the Great Railroad era.[1]

1950 Edit

  • 25th January, Nadine Gertz is born.[2]
  • 7th April, CBS newsman Edward Murrow interviews Kenneth Arnold.[2]
  • 9th May, Hubbard publishes his book Dianetics.[2]
  • 13th May, Harry S. Truman is born.[1]
  • 25th May, Nadine Gertz is born.[2]
  • 16th September, Tommy Hill is born.[1]
  • 30th September, Norma is born.[1]
  • 26th October, Ed Hurley is born.[1]
  • Palmer publishes Crisman's third letter.[2]

Korean War Edit

  • For 2 year and a half, Crisman is an active fighter pilot.[2]

1952 Edit

  • The song "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" is a hit.[1]
  • Arnold publishes his book.[2]
  • After 3 years, Project Grudge becomes Project Blue Book.[2]
  • Will Hayward graduates and takes over his father's medicine practice.[2]
  • 15th June, Major Milford goes to Pasadena for the last time to see Parsons.
  • 17th June,
    • 5:08 PM, Jack Parsons, age 37, dies in a fulminate of mercury explosion.[2]
    • Ruth Parsons kills herself from pill overdose.[2]
  • 18th June, the Los Angels Times publishes an article on Parsons' death.[2]

1953 Edit

  • Project Gleem begins.[2]
  • General Twining becomes chief of staff of the Air Force and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.[2]
  • February, second week, in the Great Northern Hotel, Andrew creates the annual chess tournament.[1]
  • 1st December, the Grange burns down.[1]

1954 Edit

  • 19th April, Dale Bartholomew Cooper is born.[1]

1955 Edit

  • The Incident at Holloman, meeting between President Eisenhower and "Nordic types" beings similar to the Roswell crash being. Eisenhower got "The Yellow Book" but refused further offer against giving up nuclear weapons.[2]
  • August's Labor Day weekend, Sean Ladoux makes a new record in the Trunk Chop event of the Packard Timber Games but loses a toe in the process and decides to bronze it and put it in the County Museum.[1]

1956 Edit

  • 2nd September, Li Chun Fung is born.[2]

1958 Edit

  • During the annual Lumberjack Days, Pete Martell, Lumberjack of the Year of the Packard Mill for the 6th consecutive time, meets Catherine Packard returning from her senior year at Sarah Lawrence.[2]
  • A third UFO crash, following the Roswell one but with a survivor.[2]
  • Graduation of Maggie, Carl and Alan from Twin Peaks High School.[2]
  • Carl Rodd joins the Coast Guard.[2]
  • Tuesday, Milford writes an entry about the Incident at Holloman and a second meeting between Eisenhower and "grays", the former accepted the latters' technology against genetic material.[2]

1959 Edit

  • Calhoun Memorial Hospital is busy with the Elk's Club fire.[6]

Circa 1960 Edit

  • For the three years before JFK's shooting, Crisman flows back and forth from Tacoma to New Orleans and Dallas 84 times.[2]

1960 Edit

  • Death of Daisy Packard.[1]

Circa 1961 Edit

  • Creation of lasers.[2]

1961 Edit

  • DC Comics gives the name "Ray Palmer" to the superhero the Atom.[2]

1962 Edit

  • Dougie publishes an editorial against Dwayne Milford first candidacy as the mayor of Twin Peaks,[7] begining 14 consecutive 2-year terms.[2]
  • Arnold unsuccessfully runs for lieutenant governor of Idaho.[2]
  • Northern Pacific Spur stops passenger operations out of Seattle.[1]

1963 Edit

  • 3 weeks before JFK is shot, assassination of South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem.[2]
  • 22nd November, assassination of President Kennedy.[2]

1964 Edit

  • On Alaskan coast, Boatswain’s mate Carl Rodd is reported missing from a patrol boat but is saved by the Aleuts.[2]
  • Death of Emil Jennings in his beer-brewing steel tub.[2]

Circa 1965 Edit

  • About 4 years before falling out, Ed and Norma get together.[6]
  • 20 years before being entrusted with LPA, Briggs enter military service.[2]
  • 40 years after becoming a movie theater, the Opera House is abandoned.[1]

1965 Edit

  • Carl Rodd's Aleut wife and baby die in labor.[2]
  • For 2 years, the FBI loans Windom Earle to USAF's Project Blue Book,[8] there he begins to search access to the Black Lodge.[9]

1966 Edit

  • Project Gleem becomes Project Aquarius.[2]
  • Milford is promoted Lieutenant Colonel.[2]
  • Leland Palmer graduates from the University of Washington.[2]

Circa 1967 Edit

  • After 2 years, Windom Earle quits Project Blue Book.[8]

1967 Edit

  • Clay Shaw is arrested by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison for conspiring to kill the JFK.[2]

Circa 1968 Edit

  • For 21 years, Leland marries Sarah Novack.[2]

1968 Edit

  • Knife River High's Cliff 'the combine' Ompehunt fails to graduate for the third time.[1]
  • Cole and Jeffries are the two top agents of the FBI promotion in Quantico.[2]
  • The 7 members of the Twin Peaks Lumberjacks starting lineup are from the Bookhouse Boys.[2]
  • November, end of the Steeplejacks' season, remaining undefeated, being champions of northwest nine conference and state champs by seattle football outing & auning association.[1]
  • November 5th, Robert publishes a Twin Peaks Gazette article on the defeat of the Lumberjacks football team against the Kettle Falls Cougars.[2]

Circa 1969 Edit

  • 20 years before Laura's murder, the Bookhouse Boys are formed.[10]
  • 20 years before Leland's death, Eileen receives letters from Ben.[8]
  • 20 years before meeting Shelly, Gordon suffers permanent earloss.[11]
  • Spring week-end, out of high school, Norma runs off with Hank. Ed marries Nadine. On the honeymoon in Eagle Pass, Ed shoots Nadine's eye out.[6]

1969 Edit

  • Guess Who performs at the previously abandoned Opera House, causing the Town Council to ban rock concerts.[1]
  • Nixon is elected President after being the Vice President of Eisenhower for 8 years.[2]
  • 29th February, in the Oval Office, Milford and J. Allen Hynek meet President Nixon.[2]
  • Project Blue Book is officially shut down.[12][2]
  • Mars,[8] April,[1] Norma wins Miss Twin Peaks 1969, the first Miss Twin Peaks pageant.
  • April, Norma marries Hank.[13]
  • 17th April, Norma Jennings sends a postcard from her honeymoon in Hollywood to her parents.[2]
  • April, Norma starts working at the Double R.[14]
  • July, Jacoby picks a cocktail umbrella from Kahala Hilton during the first man landing on the moon[13] by Armstrong and Aldrin.[2]
  • The week after the moon landing, Milford, age 60, retires in Twin Peaks.[2]
  • Weeks after Dougie retires, "Robert Jacoby"[15] dies. Dougie buys the Twin Peaks Gazette[2]
  • Autumn, Dwayne Milford wins his fifth election as Mayor.[2]

1970's Edit

  • The Corona Super G typewriter is first manufactured.[2]
  • Erich von Däniken connect ghost rockets with other previous accounts, including the Book of Ezekiel.[2]

1970 Edit

  • The Twin Peaks Gazette becomes the Twin Peaks Post.[2]

Circa 1971 Edit

  • 3 years after the 1968 season, Northport High School is out of Northwest Nine for recruiting adults.

1971-1972 Edit

  • From February 1971 to February 1972, Rainer Paradise Ranger Station has the biggest recorded snowfall of North America with 1224.5 inches. Twin Peaks has 984 inches with 74.5 falling in the first 5 hours and then stopping for a day.[1]

1972 Edit

  • Packard Mill is fully automatic.[1]
  • Last barbecue celevrating a trimester without accidents at the Packard Mill.[1]
  • Nixon is reelected against George McGovern.[2]
  • June, Watergate burglary with E. Howard Hunt.[2]
  • Robert Redford releases the movie Jeremiah Johnson, based on "Liver-Eating" Johnson.[2]
  • JPL names a crater on the dark side of the moon after Jack Parsons.[2]

Circa 1973 Edit

  • 5 years after the fact, Harry discovers that Hawk was delirious during the final game against the Kettle Falls' Cougars in 1968.[1]

1973 Edit

  • Carl Rodd is a stuntman for the film Emperor of the North.[2]
  • 1st January, James Hurley is born.[1]
  • 12th February, Milford takes vacation in Fort Lauderdale.[2]
  • 19th February,
    • Afternoon, Crisman calls his old friend Milford to go meet Nixon.[2]
    • 8:00 PM, Milford meets Nixon and Jackie Gleason at Key Biscane.[2]
    • After 9:00 PM, Nixon shows the Homestead Air Force Base to Milford and Gleason.[2]
  • Autumn, Hawk becomes friend with Big Ed.[2]
  • December, second Saturday, in front of Horne's Department Store, Miss Twin Peaks 1973 is electrocuted while lighting the Christmas decorations.[1]

1974 Edit

  • Gonzaga University, Jeremy Horne graduates last from his class of 142.[16]
  • Death of Unguin Packard.[1]
  • Sarah and Leland Palmer create the drama department Twin Peaks Timber Players.[1]
  • Liver-Eating Johnson is reburied in Cody, Wyoming.[2]
  • July, Jacoby picks an umbrella when first seeing Mimsy.[13]
  • 24th July, 8:30 PM, last contact between Milford and Nixon.[2]
  • President Nixon resigns.[2]
  • The day after he resigned, Milford publishes a Twin Peaks Post article about Nixon.[2]
  • For a year, Milford compiles the early sections of the dossier, including his own youth sighting.[2]

1975 Edit

  • President Gerald Ford pardons Nixon.[2]
  • At the Seattle Veterans Hospital, death of Fred Lee Crisman, age 56, of kidney failure.[2]
  • Death of Richard Sharpe Shaver, age 68.[2]
  • A few months after the fall of Saigon, Big Ed returns to Twin Peaks.[2]
  • Carl Rodd is a stuntman for Rancho Deluxe.[2]

After the Vietnam War Edit

  • Ex Green Beret Frank Truman becomes the Sheriff of Twin Peaks following his father Frederick.[2]

1976 Edit

  • Project Viking lands on Mars.[2]

1977 Edit

  • Fred Crisman is suspected of being one the shortest of the "three tramps" of JFK assassination.[2]
  • Death of Ray Palmer.[2]
  • Steven Spielberg releases Close Encounters of the Third Kind based on the Incident at Holloman.[2]

1978 Edit

  • Death of Marty Lindstrom.[2]

1979 Edit

  • Western Montana, in a F4 Copilot Garland Briggs and his Pilot sight a crescent shaped silvery UFO above the Bitterroots.[2]
  • Twin Peaks, brothers Sid and Moses Millhouse kill each other in an axe duel, thus ending the bloodline.[1]
  • TP Press publishes Fear and Loathing in Early Black Lake Tribes by J. Potter describing the Circulars.[1]

1980's Edit

  • Early decade, Carl return to Twin Peaks after 30 years.[2]
  • Late decade, the Twin Peaks Post publishes words of Carl Rodd in the section "Carl Said It".[2]

Circa 1980 Edit

  • 9 years before meeting Dick, the conceived in aggression Nicky is born, his mother dying in childbirth.[17]

1980 Edit

  • Murder of Josie's father. Josie then disappears.[2]
  • The Packard Mill begins an 18 years streak of increasing success.[1]

Circa 1981 Edit

  • For eight years, Leland becomes chief counsel to the Horne Corporation.[2]
  • For 6 years, Thomas Eckhardt plans Andrew's death.[17]

1981 Edit

  • Death of Leilani.[2]
  • Dr Jacoby arrives in Twin Peaks from Oahu, Hawaii.[2]
  • Sheriff Frank Truman leaves Twin Peaks and deputy Harry Truman becomes sheriff instead, continuing a streak of over 50 years of a Truman Sheriff.[2]
  • 7th June, Interpol compiles a file on Josie.[2]
  • 4th July, Toad wins the frog jumpincontest for the first time in at least a 10 year long streak.[1]

Circa 1982 Edit

  • For 3 years, Cooper loses to chess against Windom everyday.[17]

1982 Edit

  • Benjamin Horne restores the Opera House.[1]
  • Milford opens Listening Post Alpha on Blue Pine.[2]
  • The Briggs family is assigned from Fairchild Air Force to Twin Peaks.[2]
  • 15th July, Milford publishes an article on Briggs' arrival.[2]
  • Death of Harold Dahl.[2]

1983 Edit

  • 6 years before Laura's murder,[18] Andrew marries Josie in Hong Kong and brings her to Twin Peaks.[2] Josie's job for Eckhardt begins.[19]
  • Andrew renames his boat "JOSIE".[2]
  • Death of Ed Hurley Sr. Big Ed renames "Ed's Gas Farm" into "Big Ed's Gas Farm".[2]
  • 28th May, FBI deputy director Coles and Special Agent Jeffries cover Listening Post Alpha with the "Star Wars" Project.[2]
  • Late year, Listening Post Alpha comes online.[2]

Circa 1984 Edit

  • For 5 years, Ben owns the One-Eyed Jack's.[14]
  • Donna, age 13 or 14, and Laura meet Josh, Rick and Tim.[3]

1984 Edit

  • Late year, saturday, Big Ed meets Nadine.[2]
  • 3 weeks after, Ed marries Nadine.[2]
  • Death of Ilsa Lindstrom in her sleep.[2]
  • Death of Kenneth Arnold.[2]
  • August 11th, Robert Jacoby is commissioned by the Twin Peals council to write the town chronicles "Oh, What a Tangled Web..."[2]

Circa 1985 Edit

  • 4 years before escaping, Windom kills Caroline who was under his and Cooper's federal crime witness protection. Windom is institutionalized.[17]
  • 4 years before meeting James, Jeffrey allegedly first beats Evelyn.[20]

1985 Edit

  • Mrs Howard wins a blue ribbon for her doughnuts.[1]
  • 17th May, Milford entrusts Briggs with Listening Post Alpha but no signal of consequence would be observed for nearly 5 years.[2]

Circa 1986 Edit

  • Nicky, age 6, survives an accident which kills his adoptive parents.[17]
  • 3 years before Laura's murder, Cooper dreams about the rock throwing technique and his moved by the Tibetans' ordeal.[21]
  • 3 years before meeting Cooper, death of the mother of the young Mrs. Tremond.[22]

1986 Edit

  • Twin Peaks' prison facility project is rejected for the first time in at least 5 consecutive years.[1]
  • April, Leo is apprehended for an illegal U-turn.[10]
  • Tuesday 28th October, for the Twin Peaks Post, Robert publishes his very last article defending Margaret Lanterman.[2]
  • 19th November, death of Robert Jacoby.[2]
  • 22nd November, some of Robert Jacoby's ashes are scattered on Pearl Lake.[2]

Circa 1987 Edit

  • 1 year and a half before Laura's murder, Andy and Lucy start going out.[19]

1987 Edit

  • Jeffries disappears in Buenos Air, Argentina.[2]
  • Death of Jackie Gleason.[2]
  • September, 18 months before his release from jail, Hank is incarcerated for vehicular manslaughter.[2]
  • 26th September, 1 year[18] to 1 year and a half[23] before Laura's murder, official death of Andrew Packard in the explosion of his boat JOSIE.[2][1] He is the last of the Hornes, Martells and Packards second generation in Twin Peaks.[1] Eckhardt goes after Catherine.[17]
  • 27th September, Cyril Pons publishes a Twin Peaks Post article on Andrew's boat accident.[2]
  • November, Leo is apprehended for drunk and disordely.[10]
  • 29th November, Dr Jacoby writes a medical report on Nadine Hurley.[2]
  • Autumn, 2 months after the boat explosion, Nadine loses an eye in a hunting accident with Harry and Ed.[2]
  • About 3 days before Christmas, Ed and Norma rediscover each other feelings.[2]

1988 Edit

  • 1 year before Laura's murder, sad event at Mr. Blodgett's barn.[18]
  • Dennis Bryson starts wearing women's clothes.[24]
  • Peaks of the Packard Mill production.[1]
  • The average Twin Peaks inhabitant eats 306 doughnuts.[1]
  • Death of Alan Traherne from cancer.[2]
  • 1 month before her death, Teresa Banks moves to Fat Trout Trail Park and starts work at Hap's Diner.[25]
  • 3 days before her death, Teresa's left arm goes numb.[25]
  • 9th February night, death of Teresa Banks, age 17.[25] Leo incarcerated in Hungry Horse, Montana on assault charges.[6]
  • Special Agent Desmond disappears.[25]
  • 6 months before her death, Laura gets a safety deposit box.[18]
  • 6 months before her death, Laura starts seeing Dr Jacoby.[26]
  • August 24th,[27] Audrey's 18th birthday.
  • September, Leo is apprehended for aggravated assault but the charges are dropped.[10]
  • 6 months before meeting Hank, Ernie Niles is released from jail.[16]
  • 3 months and 6 weeks before seeing him again, Lucy and Dick see themselves each Thursday night.[28]
  • 2 months before her death, Laura starts seeing James.[23] In the woods she tells him poems about fire.[6]

1989 Edit

  • An inquiry into Meriwether Lewis' death is conducted by the Archivist.[2]
  • 5th February, James gives the heart locket to Laura.
  • 6th February, "Day one" entry of Laura into her public diary.
  • 16th February,[25] near two years after his disappearance, Phillip Jeffries appears in the FBI ofiice in Philadelphia.[2]
  • Two sundays before being interrogated, picnic of James.
  • 23rd February
    • 5:00PM, Laura begins her English lecture to Josie.
    • 6:00PM, Laura leaves Josie.
    • The night Laura dies, Bobby meets Leo.
    • After her diner, Laura's last entry into her public diary, "nervous about meeting J."
    • Between 9:00PM and 9:30PM, Laura returns from Bobby's to her house.
    • 9:30PM, Laura sneaks outside to meet James.
  • 24th February
    • 12:30AM, Laura runs from James.
    • About 1:00AM,[27] Laura, Ronette, Leo and Jacques go to the later's cabin.
    • Between midnight and 4:00AM death of Laura Palmer.
    • Just after dawn, Pete finds Laura's body wrapped in plastic.
    • Ben and Leland meet the Norwegians.
    • Bobby takes Shelly home.
    • Bobby goes to high school and is arrested.
    • Ronette is found along the rails and admitted in Calhoun Memorial Hospital.
    • 8:00AM, Cooper is put on Laura's case.[27]
    • 9:00AM, Cooper takes a plane in Seattle.[27] Nadine sends Big Ed to take draps.
    • 10:15AM,[27] Cooper's plane lands in Spokane.
    • 10:30AM,[27] Cooper takes a car at the local FBI bureau.
    • 11:30AM,[27] Cooper enters in Twin Peaks.
    • 3:10PM,[27] Cooper meets Harry and go see Ronette and Laura.
    • Cooper and Harry find Laura's public diary.
    • Andy find the train where Laura was murdered.
    • Cooper and Harry interogates Bobby and Donna.
    • 4:00PM, the Norwegians are leaving as Ben arrives for the final signature.
    • 4:10PM, Cooper and Harry arrive at the train car.
    • 9:30PM,[27] Cooper reports on the town meeting. Donna goes to the Roadhouse to see James thanks to Joey. Big Ed also goes to see Norma. The heart locket is buried.
    • Leo calls Mike the day before he is emprisoned with Bobby.
  • Saturday 25th February,
    • 12:28AM,[27] Cooper goes to the Great Northern. Harry goes to Josie. Jacoby dugs up the locket.
    • 6:18AM,[27] Cooper goes to breakfast and meets Audrey.
    • Cooper and Harry get Laura's autopsy results from Dr. Hayward.
    • Before going to work, Shelly discovers Leo's bloody shirt.
    • Cooper and Harry interrogate James.
    • Cooper gets a call from Albert.
    • Harry & Ed discuss the "stakeout".
    • 11:00AM,[27] James, Mike and Bobby are released.
    • 11:17AM,[27] Cooper and Harry interrogate Josie. Pete finds a fish in the percolator.
    • Catherine & Ben have a rendezvous.
    • Donna visits the Palmers and Sarah has vision of BOB.
    • Hawk interrogates the Pulaskis, and spots the One-Armed Man in the hospital.
    • During dinner, Bobby and Major Briggs have an argument.
    • 07:00PM,[27] Cooper and Harry encounter the Log Lady at the Double R.
    • Shelly gets beaten by Leo when getting home.
    • James has dinner at Haywards'.
    • Jacoby listens to a tape from Laura.
    • Jenny's first day at One-Eyed Jack's.
    • Bob Lydecker assaulted outside a bar in Lowtown, a section of Twin Peaks.
    • Jerry Horne gets back from Paris. He and Ben go to One-Eyed Jack's.
    • About 11:30PM,[27] Audrey slips a note under Cooper's door.
  • 26th February,
    • Midnight, James & Donna have their heart-to-heart.
    • Hawk calls Cooper.
    • Bobby & Mike meet with Leo in the woods.
    • 06:00AM,[27] Cooper recodres geese sounds.
    • Morning, Ed drops grease on Nadine's drape runners.
    • Cooper tries his zen skill before Harry, Hawk, Andy and Lucy about Tibet.
    • Bobby comes visiting Shelly
    • Haywards meet Audrey in the Double R.
    • Afternoon, Albert and team arrive.
    • Night, Nadine discovers her now-silent runners.
    • Pete sneaks the safe key to Josie who finds two ledgers inside.
    • Leland has a breakdown to the strains of Glen Miller.
  • 27th February,
    • 01:18AM,[27] Cooper begins to dream about a Red Room.
    • 06:15AM, Cooper's alarm rings.
    • 07:15AM, Cooper meets with Audrey and then tells Harry & Lucy about his dream.
    • 10:25AM,[27] Cooper records how Harry punched Albert.
    • Maddy Ferguson arrives in Twin Peaks.
    • Norma is told of Hank's pending parole.
    • Cooper and Harry interrogate Leo.
    • Bobby and Garland argues again.
    • 12:27AM,[27] Harry and Cooper go to Laura's funeral after Albert's autopsy report.
    • Ed and Nadine have quiet moment, James declines to go to the funeral.
    • Audrey checks on her family through a peephole.
    • Laura's funeral. James and Bobby fight. Leland freaks out.
    • Shelly demonstrates Leland's coffin ride.
    • Cooper joins the Bookhouse Boys, and they interrogate Bernard Renault.
    • Jacques calls Leo for help.
    • Catherine eavesdrops on Josie and Harry. Josie shows Harry the safe, but one of the ledgers is missing because Catherine has the other one.
  • 28th February
    • 12:01AM,[27] Cooper meets Jacoby at the cemetary, then meets Hawk at the Roadhouse. The two of them take a drunken Leland home.
    • Andy sketches BOB from Sarah's description. Sarah describes her vision of someone digging up the necklace.
    • Cooper interrogates Jacoby
    • Hawk tracks down the One-Armed Man to Timber Falls Motel
    • Ben and Catherine are having a rendezvous. Josie is there, staking them out.
    • Bernard Renault makes bail.
    • 01:00PM,[27] Cooper and Co. interrogate Philip Michael Gerard
    • Donna agree to help Audrey solve Laura's murder.
    • Norma goes to Hank's parole meeting.
    • Cooper and co. confiscate files at the Lydecker Clinic.
    • Shelly gives Leo's bloody shirt to Bobby.
    • 03:00AM,[27] Cooper, Harry, Hawk, and Andy practice in the shooting range, work on Lydecker files, and get Albert's final report.
    • Night falling, James runs into Maddy at the Double R.
    • Hank is being paroled. Norma made aware.
    • Ben talks to Jerry about Icelanders, and then Audrey talks to Ben to begin work at the department store.
    • Albert faxes a reconstruction of the plastic piece found in Laura's stomach. Andy comes across the file on Waldo.
    • Ben plans with Leo to set fire to the Mill. Bernard's body is lying on the ground, killed by Leo. Jacques is hiding out in Canada.
    • James and Donna find that the buried necklace is missing.
    • Josie gets a call from Hank.
    • 11:19 PM,[27] the cops find Leo's bloody shirt there at Jacques's, planted by Bobby.
  • March, the County Museum does an exposition about Robert Mapplethorpe.[1]
  • 1st March
    • 04:28AM,[27] Cooper is woken up by singing Icelanders.
    • Day, Cooper meets Audrey in the hotel restaurant
    • Ben and Jerry discuss the Sons of Odin Icelandic investors.
    • Coop meets Harry and Andy at Jacques's place. The blood on Leo's shirt is determined to be AB-, not match Laura's type, but matching Jacques'.
    • Bobby has breakfast at Shelly's; Andy comes looking for Leo; Leo calls.
    • Norma and Big Ed agree to cool their relationship
    • Audrey has her job interview at the department store.
    • James and Donna meet.
    • Coop discovers Laura's ad in Flesh World.
    • Maddy agrees to help them James and Donna.
    • Hank, out on parole, starts working at the Double R.
    • The Briggs family goes to see Dr. Jacoby.
    • Coop, Harry, Hawk and Doc Hayward go to the Log Lady's cabin and interrogate the log.
    • 04:00 PM, Coop, Harry, Hawk, and Doc find Jacques' cabin.
    • 05:00PM,[27] Coop records their discovery.
    • Evening, Party at the Great Northern for the Icelanders. Ben & Catherine meet in private while Audrey eavesdrops. Leland freaks out to the music.
    • Madeleine finds one of Laura's tapes.
    • Ben meets with Josie.
    • Leo is beat up on by Hank. Shelly shoots at Leo.
  • 2nd March,
    • 01:00 AM, Coop finds Audrey in his bed
    • 03:00 AM,[27] Coop records his encounter with Audrey.
    • Morning, Andy arrives at the station, and Lucy gets a call from a doctor.
    • Cooper, Harry and Doc Hayward are trying to get Waldo to speak.
    • Hawk shows up with a forensics report on Jacques cabin, and says that Jacques is now working as a dealer at One-Eyed Jack's
    • 01:00 PM,[27] Cooper records suspicions about Josie
    • Afternoon, Leo spots Bobby seeing Shelly, but takes off when hearing about Waldo on a police radio.
    • Maddy, Donna and James listen to Laura's tap. They plot to get the missing tape, from the night Laura died, from Jacoby.
    • Audrey hides in Battis' office and spies on his conversation with Jenny about her work at One-Eyed Jack's.
    • Hank palms a lighter left behind. Harry and Cooper warn Hank to keep clean.
    • Nadine is home devastated because the patent attorney she went to didn't like her drape runner idea. Big Ed comes in and comforts her, encouraging her to keep trying.
    • Harry asks Josie about her being at the Timber Falls Motel on Tuesday. She tells him about Ben and Catherine's relation and about Catherine's plan to burn the Mill
    • Evening, Harry tells Cooper about Josie's problem. Audrey shows up looking for Cooper just as they left.
    • Mr. Neff shows up at Catherine's. Catherine finds her bogus ledgerbook missing.
    • Audrey leaves a note for Cooper under his door, an Asian man checks in a couple of doors down from Cooper.
    • Leo shoots Waldo and drives off but Waldo is on Cooper's voice-activated tape recorder.
    • 09:00 PM,[27] Cooper and Big Ed infiltrate One-Eyed Jacks' and meet Blackie.
    • Maddy sneaks out of the Palmer house, but is seen by Leland
    • Ben sends Jerry off with the Icelanders to One-Eyed Jacks' for a "signing party" for the Ghostwood deal. Ben calls Josie about Catherine.
    • Audrey meets Blackie and is hired for a job at One-Eyed Jacks'.
    • Jacques relieves the previous dealer at Cooper's blackjack table
    • Jacoby gets a call from Maddy impersonating Laura. At the gazebo, Maddy, James and Donna, wait while Bobby is watching them while the whole tableux is being watched by a heavy breathing BOB.
    • Jacoby takes off to find "Laura" while James and Donna sneak into his office to search for the missing tape. Bobby sticks a bag of drug in the gas tank of James' bike.
    • James and Donna find the tape and take off to pick up Maddy at gazebo.
    • Jacoby while watching "Laura", is attacked by a masked BOB, and has a heart attack.
    • Cooper chats with Jacques.
    • Audrey prepares for her night at One-Eyed Jack's.
    • 11:00 PM,[27] Jacques and Cooper leave separately to the water processing plant on Black Lake
    • Leo grabs Shelly
    • The police grabs Jacques
    • Doc Hayward gets called to attend Jacques at the hospital. James, Donna and Maddy listen to the tape.
  • 3rd March,
    • About 03:20 AM, Leo sets up fire to start at 4:20 AM.
    • Nadine tries to kill herself using pills
    • Hank lectures Josie on Oriental and jailbird philosophy.
    • Pete and Catherine search for the missing ledger.
    • 04:00 AM, the police station talks about Andy's marksmanship.
    • Bobby, impersonating Leo, calls the station to rat on James.
    • Coop and Harry interrogate Jacques.
    • Doc tells them about Jacoby.
    • Pete and Catherine are still searching for the ledger. Catherine gets a call from Hank directing her to the Mill to find the ledger.
    • Hank talks with Norma at Double-R.
    • Big Ed finds Nadine and calls for an ambulance.
    • 04:10, James arrives at the police station to talk to Harry
    • Past midnight, 2 hours after Jacoby meets "Laura",[27] James is arrested.[27]
    • Leland arrives at police station, Doc leaves for home.
    • Cooper and Harry interrogate James who is then arrested for drug possession
    • Ben Horne and Einar Thorson closes the Ghostwood deal. Hank calls Ben about eliminating Leo.
    • Bobby encounters Leo, who gets shot by Hank.
    • 04:20 AM, Catherine finds Shelly at the Mill; and the fire starts.
    • Leland kills Jacques.
    • Pete goes into the burning shed to rescue Catherine.
    • Ben and Einar finish signing the deal. Ben prepares to "try the New Girl".
    • 04:37 AM,[27] Cooper arrives back at his hotel room.
    • The wounded Leo is found by the police.
    • About 04:55 AM,[27] Cooper is shot three times by Josie.
    • 05:00 AM, Leo is checked into the hospital. Jacques is discovered to be dead.
    • 09:15 AM,[27] Cooper is declared fit to work by Doc Hayward
    • 11:55 PM, 19 hours after being shot,[27] Cooper records the Giant meeting.
  • Death of Maddy Ferguson.
  • Death of Leland.
  • At Leland's wake, Douglas anounce his wedding with Lana, 3 weeks after first meeting her.[2]
  • Death of Josie Packard.
  • 11th March, morning, autopsy of Josie by Will Hayward.[2]
  • 15th March,
    • 9:50AM, Douglas, 80, writes a message to Major Briggs the night the former died at the Great Northern Hotel and later went missing for 3 days.[2]
    • Cooper writes the Andrew Packard Case.[2]
  • 3 days after it was written, Briggs reads Douglas' final message at Listening Post Alpha.[2]
  • 19th March, Dr Jacoby writes his last notes on Laura.[2]
  • 22th March, 2:00 PM, Dr Jacoby writes a medical report on Ben (49).[2]
  • 23rd March, Catherine sells the Packard Mill and associated properties to Ben Horne.[2]
  • 26th March, Jacoby's practice license is suspended.[2]
  • 27th March, night, Cooper and Harry go to Glastonburry Grove.[2]
  • 28th March,
    • 9:25 AM, Dell Mibbler (age 79), Andrew Packard and Pete Martell (52) die in an explosion at Twin Peaks Savings and Loan. Audrey Horne (18) is severely injured and Dorothy Doak (49) is lightly.[2]
    • 12:05 PM, after his discussion with Cooper, Briggs understands that something is wrong and understands that he misunderstood the message "THE/OWLS/ARE/NOT/WHAT/THEY/SEEM" followed by "COOPER/COOPER/COOPER/COO": the message is not for Cooper but about him.[2]
  • 6 months after her marriage, Lana leaves Twin Peaks.[2]

1990 Edit

  • A census establishes Twin Peaks population to be 5,120.1 instead of 51,201.[1]
  • Twin Peaks Timber Players collect more than 282$.[1]
  • March, last Sunday, Big Ed eats 110 pancakes.[1]

1991 Edit

  • Trudy Chelgren is the Great Northern employee of the year.[1]
  • Oliver Stone releases the movie JFK.[2]
  • Classified crime(s) that may be linked to the Dossier.[2]
  • 1st April, Dwayne Milford, age 80, writes a letter for An Access Guide to Twin Peaks.[1]

Circa 1992 Edit

  • 3 years after being reimprisoned, Hank Jennings is stabbed to death by a Renault cousin.[2]

1992 Edit

  • April, at Glastonberry Grove, quinquennial Passion Play by the Bookhouse Boys.[1]

1996 Edit

  • A Tennesse grand jury require the exhumation of Lewis' body upon the request of his descendants.[2]

21st century Edit

2008 Edit

  • The National Park Service finally agrees to exhume Lewis' remains.[2]

2010 Edit

  • The National Park Service eventually changes its decision and declines the retieval of Lewis' body.[2]

2016 Edit

  • 17th July, Dossier recovered from a crime scene.[2]
  • 20th July, Dossier referred by Cole to Investigations and Operations Support Section.[2]
  • 4th August, FBI deputy director Cole issues Special Agent Preston to analyze the Dossier.[2]
  • 5th August, Preston begins work on the dossier.[2]
  • 28th August, Preston's initial remarks on the dossier.[2]


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