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  Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill works at the Twin Peaks sheriff's department under Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

He is a full-blooded Nez Perce, although during a discussion as to whether or not he believes in the soul, he references Blackfoot Indian mysticism to Special Agent Dale Cooper. He is usually referred to as "Hawk" because of his excellent tracking skills, which extend beyond animal and human tracks to those of cars and trucks.

He is clearly aware of the supernatural presence in woods of Twin Peaks and also discusses with Cooper his belief in a direct connection to Native American spirituality. He is also the first person to verbally express to the viewers (as well as to Cooper) what the White Lodge and Black Lodge are.

One of The Bookhouse Boys and an all-around dependable good guy, he saves the lives of both Truman and Cooper on more than one occasion. He has an unseen girlfriend who is a ER Nurse at Calhoun Memorial Hospital in Snoqualmie, Washington.


Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 1Edit


After homecoming queen Laura Palmer is found dead, Hawk and Deputy Andy Brennan ask her boyfriend, Bobby Briggs about his whereabouts until Sheriff Truman arrives to inform Briggs that Laura has been found dead.

Later, Hawk goes with Andy and Truman to the Palmer home, where he finds evidence as the sheriff questions Mrs. Palmer. He finds Laura's diary and takes it for the investigation, though they do not have the key. He also finds a camcorder.

When James Hurley is arrested, he and Andy take him to his cell.

Episode 1Edit

After James is questioned by Truman and Special Agent Dale Cooper, Hawk takes him back to his cell.

He later releases James to his uncle, Ed Hurley, and the two men make a gesture to each other, touching their temples.

At the hospital, Hawk asks Janek and Suburbis Pulaski about their daughter, Ronette, who was attacked by the person who killed Laura. He then spots a one-armed man go towards the morgue.

Episode 2Edit

Hawk calls Agent Cooper, updating him on Ronette's condition and the findings from her parents. He goes on to tell him about the one-armed man he saw around the intensive care ward.


He assists Truman in setting up a bottle 60 feet and 6 inches away from Lucy, per Cooper's instruction. He questions what the special agent is doing, but the sheriff is just as baffled. Later, he sits and listens to a presentation Cooper has prepared about Tibet and a method he has derived from them to determine which individuals with the initial 'J' are people of interest in the Palmer case. Cooper has Hawk hold rocks that he throws towards a bottle. The rock for Lawrence Jacoby knocks over the bottle, but does not break it, and the rock for Leo Johnson breaks it.

Episode 3Edit

Hawk informs Agent Cooper that he has found no sign of the one-armed man.

He goes to Laura's funeral, where he helps restrain Mike Nelson when Bobby and James charge at each other.

Later he goes to the diner with Harry and Ed. They are joined by Cooper, who they inform about their operation to halt the drug flow into Twin Peaks, introducing him to the Bookhouse Boys when they subsequently take him to the Bookhouse.

In the evening, Hawk discusses the human soul with Cooper. He says that he believes in waking souls and dream souls. They have a drink to Laura, but are interrupted when Leland Palmer has a breakdown on the dance floor and they escort him home.

Episode 4Edit

Hawk calls Cooper and says that he has found the one-armed man at the Timber Falls Motel. His name is Gerard and he is in room 101. After Cooper and Truman kick in the door, Hawk checks Gerard's background and fins no criminal record or warrants.

After they question Gerard, Hawk tells Truman that Josie Packard had been in her car at the motel prior to his arrival.

Hawk helps bring in files confiscated from the Lydecker Veterinary Clinic. Hawk meets with Truman, Cooper, and Andy in the pistol range. He fires at a target, not missing a shot.

Hawk brings in an analysis on a plastic object found in Laura's stomach, determining it to be part of a poker chip. Andy then finds a file on a myna bird owned by Jacques Renault named Waldo. Hawk goes to receive Jacques's address.

When they arrive, they see a man they believe is Jacques, but he gets away.

Episode 5Edit

The next morning, Hawk receives a transmission from Truman that he is at Jacques's apartment and wishes for Hawk to be there as soon as he can, as he has been sent to find Bernard Renault.

He later arrives at the apartment, confirming that a post office box noted on envelopes hidden in the apartment belonged to Jacques. He provides letters he found in it. He hands Cooper a copy of Flesh World found in the apartment and he finds an ad from Laura, which has red drapes matching ones in a photo in the apartment and a dream he had. They then set out to find the cabin seen in the photo.

Hawk leads them through the woods, where they encounter the Log Lady. They sit down for tea and cookies. She speaks for what her log saw the night Laura was killed and the men set back out to find the cabin. They hear music playing and find the cabin. They enter, where Hawk finds a camera with film in it and blood.

Episode 6Edit

He brings forensics results to Cooper in the conference room, determining that Jacques had three people in his cabin: Laura Palmer, Ronette Pulaski, and Leo Johnson. He also provides the only photo found on the camera's film, which shows Waldo on Laura's back.

Hawk helps Cooper with his wire for the operation at One Eyed Jack's. They then hear a gunshot near the conference room, where they find Waldo dead.

Hawk listens to the operation through Cooper's wire.

Episode 7Edit

Joined by Ed, he listens to Cooper's operation, as he now speaks with Jacques, who describes his involvement with Laura the night she was killed.

Hawk then informs Sheriff Truman that Jacques will be crossing the border.

Later, he stands with Andy and Ed and they tell other lawmen about Andy's heroic actions of saving Sheriff Truman's life.

He is told by Cooper to pull the surveillance off of Leo's house and go to Easter Park.

Season 2Edit

Episode 8Edit

He goes with Truman and Andy to Agent Cooper's room at the Great Northern after contact is lost with him. They find the special agent on his floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

At Leo Johnson's house, he presents a copy of Flesh World and Leo's duster -- which smells of gasoline -- to Truman and Cooper.

He takes James back to his cell after he is questioned by Sheriff Truman.

Hawk later brings James to the hospital to give him over to Ed.

He sits in the conference room as Cooper goes over the events of the night Laura was killed.

Episode 10Edit

He speaks with James at the station before being dismissed by Cooper. He then observes Lucy working on finding out what words all contain the letter found under the fingernails of Teresa Banks, Laura Palmer, and Ronette Pulaski. He offers to help just before Lucy's lunch date, Dick Tremayne arrives, whose impending arrival made Andy call in sick. Hawk breaks Tremayne's cigarette and ignores his attempts to introduce himself.

With Sheriff Truman and Agent Cooper, he discusses a giant that appeared to Agent Cooper. Leland Palmer then arrives to give his knowledge on "Bob," who was apparently the neighbor to Leland's grandfather named Robertson. Cooper sends Hawk to find further information on this.

He returns with his findings that there is no record of anyone names Robertson in the area, but suspects an unmarked mailbox in front of a boarded-up house. Harry then asks if he had seen Philip Gerard recently, but he has not. Cooper notes that in his dream, the One-Armed Man knew "Bob," so he leads Hawk and Harry to the bathroom, where Gerard had been, and they find a syringe.

Episode 12Edit

Hawk quickly enters the station to inform Harry that the house allegedly lived in by Robertson was actually owned by schoolteachers who know nothing of a gray-haired man. Having had to drink three cups of tea to extract this information, he excuses himself to the bathroom.

Later, he walks into Harry's office to inform her and Cooper on the whereabouts of Gerard, who has not been seen in a couple days. He is then suspiciously dismissed by Truman.

He follows them to One Eyed Jack's where they rescue Audrey, and he comes to their rescue, throwing a knife into an armed guard's back.

Episode 13Edit

They take Audrey to the Bookhouse, where Cooper determined her to be doped with heroin.

He later finds Philip Gerard and brings him to the station, to Harry's office.

Cooper later arrives and has a private conversation with FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole, though he and Harry can hear every word Cole says due to his loud speech.

He goes with Cooper, Truman, and Cole to the conference room to question Gerard. Cole refuses to give Gerard his medicine and he seemingly switches personalities into the "inhabiting spirit," Mike. He explains "Bob" as being his familiar and that he feeds on fear and pleasures. He also says that he is to stop Bob, who is currently in a house made of wood, the Great Northern Hotel.

Episode 14Edit

Hawk has coffee outside the receptionist's desk with Cole, Cooper, Mike, and Andy. He is sent by Harry with a search warrant for the apartment of Harold Smith, who allegedly has in his possession a diary written by Laura.

He goes to Harold's apartment and finds his hanging body, with plants and pages strewn about the apartment. After Harry and Cooper arrive, Hawk realizes that the pages are from Laura's secret diary.

When Ben Horne is determined to be a prime suspect in the murder, he goes with Harry and Cooper to his office, where they arrest him.

Episode 15Edit

Lucy comes back to Twin Peaks with her sister, Gwen and nephew, having been visiting them in Tacoma. He is asked by Lucy if he has seen Andy, but he shakes his head. Gwen then refers to him as "Eagle Eye." He corrects her and is introduced to her by Lucy. Gwen then asks him if he hates white people for their historical actions against Natives, but he says "Some of my best friends are white people."

After Mike escapes from his custody at the Great Northern, Hawk finds him and takes him back to the station.

He stands in the interrogation room, where Mike says Ben Horne is not Bob. However, Truman charges him with the murder. He takes Mike back to the hotel.

At night, another body wrapped in plastic is found, this time belonging to Maddy Ferguson.

Episode 16Edit

Hawk observes as Albert delivers evidence found on Maddy's body: a letter 'O' under her fingernail and fur from a taxidermy white fox. When Cooper is unsure where to go next with the case, Hawk encourages him.

He wheels Leo into the roadhouse, where Cooper determines the killer of Laura and Maddy through the use of what he calls "magic." He asks to have Horne escorted back to the station with Leland as his attorney.

Hawk and Albert take Ben down to interrogation, but Leland is pushed into the room first by Harry and Cooper, causing him to be enraged, now revealed as Bob's host.

They enter the room, where Leland is restrained by Truman as Hawk cautiously points his gun him. Through Leland, Bob howls and laughs as he confesses to the murders. Hawk curiously watches him as the lawmen leave the room, the sheriff satisfied with the confession. As Cooper discusses all of the evidence against Leland and the events that occurred the night of Laura's murder, Hawk watches Leland through the room's window.

They leave after Bob chants a poem, then frantically enter again after the sprinkler system goes off and Bob slams Leland's head into the door. Hawk leaves to call an ambulance, but Leland ultimately dies in Cooper's arms.

Episode 17Edit

As Dick and Lucy talk about the baby, Hawk tries to get Andy to intervene. However, Andy proposes a truce, which Hawk is not impressed with.

As Agent Cooper prepares to leave Twin Peaks, he tells Hawk that if he is ever lost, he hopes Hawk to be the one who is sent to find him. However, Cooper is stopped by Special Agent Roger Hardy, who tells him that he has been suspended from the FBI.

Episode 18Edit

Hawk goes with Andy to Truman's office, where Andy presents a wedding gift for Dougie Milford and his wife-to-be Lana Budding. Hawk states his disbelief that Milford is marrying again and explains to Agent Cooper that the man's marriages are "seasonal."

Cooper asks Hawk and Harry is they have ever heard of a place called the White Lodge, it being the last thing Major Briggs spoke about prior to his disappearance while fishing with Cooper. Hawk explains the White Lodge's spiritual nature and that it has a shadow-self, the Black Lodge, that every spirit must pass through to reach perfection. He says that his people call it "The Dweller on the Threshold." DEA Agent Dennis Bryson then arrives, having been assigned on Cooper's case. However, Hawk and the other men are surprised that Bryson is wearing women's clothing and prefers to be called Denise. After she explains the case to Cooper and leaves, Hawk remarks "That's a good color for him."

Hawk later attends the Milford wedding.

Episode 19Edit

Hawk comforts Lana Milford following the death of her new husband. He restrains the upset Mayor Milford as he angrily chides Lana, and Hawk has him escorted out. Lana explains to him that she believes she has been cursed since her prom night, during which her date - who had braces - had his jaw lock open when they kissed and had to have it broken in three places to be corrected. Hawk tells her that her curse can be cured and that "when something really big goes down, [he is] the man." He leans against a door just before Andy opens it, causing him to fall.

Hawk is taken by Lana's charm along with Harry, Andy, Dick, and Doctor Hayward.

Episode 20Edit

Hawk prepares the very-sweaty Ernie Niles for the sting operation into Jean Renault's drug trade.

He listens in on the buy until Ernie's wire malfunctions due to his sweat, blowing their cover. Cooper offers himself to Renault in exchange for Ernie and Denise. Harry commands him to call in backup.

After Denise makes her way into the house as a waitress and gives a gun to Cooper, Hawk confirms Renault's death by Cooper.

They return to the station, where the power is out, due to a bomb in the woods, according to Lucy, though Hawk is sure that there is something more sinister at work.

Episode 21Edit

A body is found in Sheriff Truman's office. Hawk reports in that he found two sets of the same boot prints outside the station, one coming and one going.

Truman later tells him to check an abandoned car found on a logging road and he reports that it has no prints. He also says that Hank Jennings was not present at the Dead Dog Farm buy, as he was in the hospital, claiming to be hit by a bus. Hawk handcuffed him to the bed and charged him with various parole violations.

Episode 23Edit

Hawk escorts Hank into Sheriff Truman's office, where he is charged with the attempted murder of Leo Johnson. However, he offers a trade for information on who killed Andrew Packard, and despite the sheriff declining, Hank hints that Josie Packard was responsible. When Hank mocks Harry, Hawk kicks out one of his crutches and escorts him out.

Episode 24Edit

Following Josie's death, Hawk brings breakfast from Norma to Harry, who sits at the Bookhouse, drinking. Harry thanks him and asks how things are at the station, confident that Cooper and Hawk can handle his responsibilities.

Hawk goes to Cooper to report on Harry's situation. Cooper also notes that Hayward's autopsy on Josie found that she only weighed 65 pounds.

Later, he goes to Cooper to bring him to the Bookhouse, as Harry is now tearing the building apart in a drunken rage. After Cooper calms him down, they take Harry to bed.

Episode 25Edit

Hawk brings gear to the entryway for the department's trip to Owl Cave, while Andy spelunks through the ceiling.

At the cave, they find the symbol Cooper came to find, and by Andy's mistake of swinging his pickaxe into the cave wall, a petroglyph is revealed.

Episode 26Edit

The lawmen return to Owl Cave, where Hawk finds tracks belonging to Windom Earle, Cooper's insane ex-partner.

Later, at the station, Hawk brings a segment of a poem sent to Donna Hayward, the other two having been sent to Audrey and Shelly, the latter being in possession of the Sheriff's Department already. Cooper believes the poems to have been sent by Earle. Hawk tells them that Major Briggs has come to speak with them, and Cooper requests him to get Leo Johnson's arrest report.

Hawk brings Cooper the report, which shows that the poems are in Leo's handwriting. The agent believes the poem was dictated to him by Earle.

Episode 27Edit

Hawk calls Donna and Audrey to the sheriff's station, per Agent Cooper's instruction.

Episode 28Edit

Hawk searches the woods for Major Briggs, who has disappeared again. Soon, he encounters him stumbling and takes him to the station.

He later attends the Miss Twin Peaks Contest. After Annie Blackburn's win, chaos ensues.

Episode 29Edit

Hawk studies the petroglyph, which Andy has discovered is a map. Harry takes a closer look and identifies Glastonbury Grove, where Hawk had previously found a bloody towel and pages of Laura's diary. The Log Lady comes, bringing oil that her husband called "an opening to a gateway." Hawk then brings in Ronette Pulaski, who smells the oil and becomes frightened, as she recognizes the smell from the night Laura Palmer was killed.

Twin Peaks: The Missing PiecesEdit

Hawk informs Truman and Andy that "Bernie" is coming in from Canada. When Andy makes a stray comment that if he's coming in on foot he has a long hike, Hawk quickly leaves the room before an "Andy" situation develops.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks Edit

Frank is the one who gave the nickname "Hawk" to Tommy, the latter being resentful of it.

In high school, he was a running back in the starting lineup of Twin Peaks High football team of 1968, alongside Franklin Truman, Harry S. TrumanBig Ed, Hank JenningsThad "Toad" Baker and Jerry Horne. He was probably the halfback since Hank was the fullback.

He was with Big Ed during the Vietnam War.

He became deputy as a second choice after Big Ed turned the offer down.

When a Bookhouse Boys member, his favorite book is Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 by Hunter S. Thompson

Twin Peaks (2017)Edit

Michael Horse is to reprise the role in the 2017 series.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hawk was not present in the original script for the pilot. Instead, there was an African-American deputy named Bernie Hill.

In the International Pilot, Lucy tells Leland Palmer that Hawk is the department's sketch artist. In all other episodes, Andy has this job.

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