Trouble was a rock/blues band. Its lead guitarist was Bing.[1]

In 2014, Trouble played at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks, Washington, performing "Snake Eyes." Richard Horne attended the show as a pretext to make a payoff to Deputy Chad Broxford, and later assaulted a girl who was sitting near his booth while her friends watched.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

Trouble is a band formed specifically for their performance in Part 5 of Twin Peaks, consisting of Riley Lynch (guitar), Alex Zhang Hungtai (tenor saxophone), Sam Smith (bass), and Dean Hurley (drums). Their song "Snake Eyes" is featured on the Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series) soundtrack release.

Lynch reappears in Part 7 as the man rushing into the Double R Diner, credited as "Bing."

References Edit

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