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This is the manual of style for the Twin Peaks Wiki! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the admin, Special Agent Dale Cooper!

Writing style

The writing style will vary from article-to-article, either written in past or present tense. Sometimes both will be employed in the same article. For example, an organization such as the Bookhouse Boys will have its history written in past tense, with everything else in the present.

For most character pages, the lead paragraph is written in the present-tense, as well as non-canon material. The main biographies are written in past-tense (example: Dale Cooper)



Please cite your sources! Here are examples for how to format your citations:

*Television episode: <ref name="episode14">''[[Twin Peaks]]'' - [[Episode 14]]</ref>
*Film: <ref name="fwwm">''[[Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me]]''</ref>
*Book: <ref name="tshotp">''[[The Secret History of Twin Peaks]]''</ref>
*Web article: <ref>[ First Official Twin Peaks Set Photos Reveal Deputy Hawk, Shelly Johnson, Gordon Cole, Denise Bryson, and Others]</ref>

When citing the same source multiple times in an article, please use the <ref name="(label)"></ref> or <ref name="(label)"/> format for subsequent references.

Don't forget to add a reference list to an article if it doesn't have one already. It's simple, add the following to the bottom of the page, above any navigation boxes:


Dates and time

Since Twin Peaks is an American franchise and takes place (mostly) in America, dates and time will be formatted as such. Example:

February 24, 1989, 3:35 PM

Spelling and grammar

  • As with dates and time, American English spellings of words are to be used.
  • Please avoid using contractions.
  • Titles of a television series or film should be italicized.
  • Use proper capitalization and punctuation.

Article guidelines


Character articles are really the meat of a cinematic-based Wiki, making them arguably the most important articles. Here is an outline for what a character page should include:

  • Infobox (found here, written in present tense)
  • Introductory paragraph (tense may vary)
  • Biography (past tense)
  • Relationships (tense varies)
  • Any non-canon appearances (present tense)
  • Behind the scenes information (past tense)
  • Trivia (varied tense)
  • Image gallery
  • References

For a great example of a character article, see Dale Cooper.

Television series, film, and episode

These articles are pretty straightforward. Here is an outline:

  • Infobox (TV series, film, episode)
  • Introductory paragraph (past tense)
  • Plot (present tense)
  • Cast
  • Production

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