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    August 15, 2017 by Special Agent Dale Cooper

    I'm just now learning about the leaked plot synopses (and that I undid a couple edits earlier with information from them).

    Yyyyeah, info from those won't be allowed here, just as we've done with early screenings.

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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Diane, I now have three copies of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the latest being on VHS. Time to get that VCR up and running again.

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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    I highly doubt this will even be a problem, but spoilers from Part 11 won't be allowed on here until it airs on Showtime, as it's impossible to verify anything until it's actually available to a broad audience and it is a bit unfair to those who can't be at Comic-Con.

    So basically, this is the same exact thing as when Parts 1 and 2 premiered a few days before airing. So yeah. Word.

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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Since we are halfway through the new series, I've decided to share my thoughts so far. Don't expect any crazy theories, though, I've never really been one to do that aside from what I interpret to be obvious hints.

    • First off, LOVING it. I can't say if I like it better than the original series (aside from the Evelyn Marsh subplot) or FWWM yet, as I need to see the whole thing first.
    • I hope Coop wakes up soon. I've been enjoying the Dougie scenes, but I've been wanting Coop back since Part 4, but luckily, it seems like we're getting close. Coop is (obviously) my favorite character in the whole franchise, so I'm eagerly awaiting his return.
    • I love Hawk's expanded role. He's always been one of my favorite characters, but he never really did a who…
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  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    If any of you are multilingual, there are other Twin Peaks Wikis in other languages that look like they could use some help:

    • Japanese
    • French
    • Russian (which strangely is using the Twin Peaks restaurant logo as their wordmark, despite all of their content being for the show)
    • German
    • Polish

    I've linked all of our articles to the respective ones on the other Wikis, at least for the articles they currently have. We currently cannot link to the German and Polish sites, but I've sent in a request to Wikia staff to take care of this.

    If you find any that aren't listed, let me know so we can link to them.

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