With the third season on the way within the next few months and a potential book coming out sometime after, we've got a great deal of incoming content, but thinking beyond that, I've had some ideas.

In particular, a thought crossed my mind that after Season 3 and the book have been out, this Wiki's content could go beyond Twin Peaks to include other projects with David Lynch at the helm, making this a general David Lynch Wiki. I have founded a couple of other Wikis focused on Lynch projects, but honestly, they don't really have much content to warrant their own Wikis, so those could just be merged with this.

This would have its advantages, one being that there would be a dedicated space on Wikia for all things Lynch. However, disadvantages would be that first, there would be a lot of reworking to be done, such as changing category names (which, to my knowledge, can only be done article-by-article, which is tedious) like "Characters" to "Twin Peaks characters," and the focus of the Wiki would change, making it less about Twin Peaks and more about one of the minds behind it.

Of course, this is just an idea right now and I currently have no intentions on carrying it out, especially anytime soon. Thoughts and opinions are welcome!

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