Since we are halfway through the new series, I've decided to share my thoughts so far. Don't expect any crazy theories, though, I've never really been one to do that aside from what I interpret to be obvious hints.

  • First off, LOVING it. I can't say if I like it better than the original series (aside from the Evelyn Marsh subplot) or FWWM yet, as I need to see the whole thing first.
  • I hope Coop wakes up soon. I've been enjoying the Dougie scenes, but I've been wanting Coop back since Part 4, but luckily, it seems like we're getting close. Coop is (obviously) my favorite character in the whole franchise, so I'm eagerly awaiting his return.
  • I love Hawk's expanded role. He's always been one of my favorite characters, but he never really did a whole lot in the original series, especially before the Black Lodge plot.
  • I also love what they've done with Bobby. Not only has he cleaned up his act, but it feels entirely like a natural progression (as it is with the other returning characters we've seen) and I'm proud of him. Bobby's always been one of my favorites, so it feels good seeing where he is now. I just wanna know what the story with him and Shelly is now.
  • I wanna see more James. I understand the fanbase hate for him (and even sometimes participate but all in good fun) but I've never had a problem with him. I do dislike the Evelyn subplot, but it's not James' fault.
  • I also want to see Ed. He's also been one of my favorites and I hope he's not still suffering from the decisions he made when he was young. But I imagine he still is.
  • Loving Janey-E Jones. Probably my favorite new character.
  • How's Annie?
  • Deputy Chad... of course his name is Chad.
  • I don't think we'll see Phillip Jeffries in the flesh at all. He'll just be an offscreen character like Harry all the way through. I don't have a source, but I always heard that Bowie was scheduled to just film a cameo, so if that's true, it seems like it can easily be changed to an offscreen part. I also don't believe Bowie (or Ontkean) filmed any "secret" scenes. Just doesn't seem like there'd be any reason to hide that information.
  • Speaking of Harry, I miss him. But I respect Ontkean's decision all the way and I like how they're treating his absence. Much better than just straight up killing him off like some other shows would do. However...
  • ... I wouldn't be surprised if Donna's dead, for whatever reason. Not that I WANT her to be dead, as I've never really had a problem with her.
  • Then back to Harry, I'm liking Frank so far. He doesn't feel like a "replacement Harry" that I was admittedly afraid of and is definitely his own character. I'd like to see more of him, though.
  • I'm okay with the "lack" of music that a few seem to be upset about. The amount of music they're using completely matches the tone of the show and when it is there (especially in Part 8, Badalamenti earned his paycheck just from that one alone) it is amazing.
  • Seeing Johnny was a surprise; I really wasn't expecting to see him at all, especially before Audrey. And speaking of Audrey, I don't have any theory as to what she's been up to over the past 25 years. I just wanna wait and see.
  • Ben. Ol' Benji. Richard Beymer has always been stellar in this role and I don't think he gets enough credit for it. I've always loved the character – for his writing, not his actions – and just like with Bobby, where he is now seems like a natural progression. I had been afraid that his knock on the head in the finale would have shot him back to his sleazebag ways for good.
  • Some others are saying that Andy and Lucy are acting really weird and are thinking that the real Wally is dead. I don't buy it. I see Andy and Lucy also as a natural progression. Same as they were in the original series, but now a little bit older.
  • Not only as a director, but also as an actor, Lynch is killing it this series. I'll never say that he's one of the greatest actors who ever lived, but his performance has always fit the show and has made Cole one of the most memorable characters.
  • Then lastly, Lynch and Frost together are killing it as writers. I love Fire Walk with Me, but Twin Peaks has always been its best with Lynch and Frost together. What they've crafted here is amazing so far and doesn't even slightly feel like fanservice or a cash-in like one could expect from other television revivals.

That's all I've got right now. Nothing too in-depth. I can't wait to see the rest, though. Waiting is the hardest part, as Twin Peaks fans have known for years!

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