Vivian Smythe Niles was the mother of Norma Jennings and Annie Blackburn. She was an undercover food critic and used the pseudonym M.T. Wentz.


In March 1989, Vivian went to the Double R Diner in Twin Peaks, where she tested potatoes from Toad's plate and introduce her daughter Norma to her new husband, Ernie Niles. She was told by Norma that a food critic was the reason the diner looked as nice as it does, unaware that Vivian was the critic. Vivian and her husband then left for the Great Northern Hotel.[1]

She later helped Norma at the diner and overheard an argument between Norma and her husband Hank. When it calmed down, she went to Hank, offering to have dinner with them.[1]

At dinner, she commented on the salmon. She excused herself with Norma and when they returned, Hank made a toast to her and Ernie.[1]

The next day, Vivian was disgusted by the omelet she had been served at the diner and suggested a different recipe.[2]

One day later, Vivian questioned her daughter's actions of taking away the decorations following Vivian's not-shining review of the restaurant. She revealed to Norma that she was the critic, M.T. Wentz.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Oddly, The Secret History of Twin Peaks states that Norma's mother was named Ilsa and that she died in 1984, five years prior to the original series taking place. Whether this is an oversight by the author, a mistake of the fictional Archivist, the work of an unreliable narrator, or a retcon, is currently unknown.[4]



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